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The Definition of Social Wellness

What is Social Wellness? Social wellness refers to having and receiving a socially friendly attitude from people and a respectful attitude from the state. It refers to external safety. Social wellness means being aware of, participating in, and feeling connected to your community. It means developing healthy relationships with those around you. Social Wellness encourages contribution to the welfare of the community.

Social Wellness is also known as Interpersonal Wellness or as Multicultural Wellness. Below you will find a list defining Social Wellness; this list contains the most commonly agreed upon items.

Social wellness means:

  • Taking an active role in promoting a healthy living environment
  • Encouraging effective communication among community members
  • Seeking to preserve the beauty and balance of nature
  • Contributing to one’s human and physical environment for the common welfare of one’s community
  • Taking an active role in promoting a healthy living environment
  • Living in harmony with fellow human beings
  • Seeking positive, interdependent relationships with others
  • Developing healthy sexual behaviors
  • Works for mutual respect and cooperation among the individuals within a community
  • Having satisfying relationships
  • Participating and contributing to your community
  • Developing the capacity for intimacy
  • Learning good communication skills
  • Having supportive social networks through meaningful relationships with family, friends, colleagues and other significant persons
  • Social Wellness is one of the interconnected eight dimensions of wellness

A person that is seeking to be socially well (seeking a positive state in social wellness) should follow the items mentioned above.

In a nutshell, Social Wellness is how a person contributes to their environment and community and how he or she builds better living spaces and social networks. The social dimension encourages contributing to one’s environment and community.

The quote below is a common one-paragraph definition of social wellness.

Interpersonal and social wellness encourages contributing to one’s human environment to the common welfare of one’s community. It emphasizes interdependence with others. It includes the pursuit of harmony in one’s family, as well as relationships with others. Developing interpersonal wellness means learning good communication skills, developing the capacity for intimacy, and cultivating a support network of caring friends and or family members. Social wellness requires participating in and contributing to your community, country, and world.

Multicultural Wellness is the same as Social Wellness but concentrates on the cultures of people. Thus it is the understanding and appreciation of cultures other than your own. Being aware of other cultures and ways of thinking and using that to examine your own beliefs, culture, etc… Learning about other ways of being puts your own vantage point in a global perspective, and can open new pathways of seeing the world.

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