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Sun Gazing Log – Day 4

July 18th, 2013 No comments

Date: 7/17/2013

Time:  8:20 PM

Location: trail

Barefoot: on gravel trail


Could not sun gaze in the AM as I had to go to work early.  I felt like i craved it, i was looking forward to the evening. By 4 PM i had low energy,  Yesterday the 16th I was very energetic at 4PM, I am however usually very tired at that time of the day, despite sleeping a few hours and waking up tired, I was uplifted and energetic and energetic yet relaxed and calm, at 4 PM, and that was very unusual for me. might have been the sun, diet or placebo.

In the PM there were clouds, the sun was illuminating  them. I had no direct sight of the sun, so i gazed at the illuminated clouds for a few minutes.


Thoughts : If the sun is low enough i can gaze for a long time and will do so the next time, if i have enough privacy on the trail.  I think I dont need to work up 10 seconds at a time unless the sun is a bit higher and brighter so whenever it is low i can gaze longer periods and reduce the amount when the sun is higher.


one photo will be posted later