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Sun Gazing Log – Day 7

July 21st, 2013 No comments

Date: 7/20/2013

Time:  8:20pm AM

Location: lake minnetonka

Barefoot: no


Sun gazed for 2 minute from inside my car by a lake. couldnt find a good area to get out. During the day i did sunning for 2-3 minutes at about noon.


Sun Gazing Log – Day 5

July 18th, 2013 No comments

Date: 7/18/2013

Time:  6:10 AM and 8:20pm

Location: trail

Barefoot: on gravel trail


Sun gazed for 1 minute through some trees the sun was blocked by a few tree leafs.. walked to another spot on the trail and the sun there was stronger (also 5 minutes had passed) and sun gazed for a minute. It was enjoyable and relaxing, almost meditative experience but if meditative it equaled many minutes of meditation (the level of relaxation and deepness and serenity that is)

In the PM gazed for 1 minute twice. also drove to many places at sun set looking for good spots with very little luck, the tree line everywhere covered the horizon and the last 10degrees of the sky if not more.

Nice and relaxing experience.

Thoughts :

1- I should be a UV index detector / UV meter and test the UV at various times of day especially when I do sun gazing to verify that there is 0 UV at these times, or not.

2- I did sunning in the past and do it on and off, I did that to improve my vision.. But my thoughts now are that Sunning is very similar to sun gazing. I look at the sun with closed lids, but I still feel the warmth and the light Sometimes turns into red (passing through the lids) but other times is white and i can even see sun itself despite closed lids. further, colors became clearer and i started to experience serenity and a deeper awareness of reality around that time (difficult to put in words) similar to that caused by sun gazing. So, sun gazing is similar to sunning.

3- If the sun is low enough i can gaze for a long time and will do so the next time, if i have enough privacy on the trail.  I think I dont need to work up 10 seconds at a time unless the sun is a bit higher and brighter so whenever it is low i can gaze longer periods and reduce the amount when the sun is higher.





Sun Gazing Log – Day 3

July 16th, 2013 No comments

Date: 7/16/2013

Time: 6:20 AM, 8:20 PM

Location: AM: paved parking lot by a baseball field, PMtrail

Barefoot: on paved parking lot


Sungazed about 25-30 seconds in the AM. First 10 seconds were a little uncomfortable and i had to blink frequently. Last 10 seconds were much better and i felt like sungazing for a longer period but didnt.  At first I was looking around the sun perimeter not directly at the sun. Also had to remind myself not to strain my eyes or stare at the sun but rather gaze at it.

In the PM between 8:20 to 8:35 when sun got covered by trees (sunset 8:56 PM)

Here’s what I did:

Sunning for 15-20 seconds
30 seconds sun gazing
rest a couple seconds
30 seconds sungazing
rest 5 mins
sunning for 20 seconds
1 minute sun gazing
rest 1 minute
1 minutes sun gazing

Thoughts in the PM: The sun disk looks beautiful especially when its more red, easy to look at when its low the lower the easier i could gaze for a half hour or until the sun is set if the trees didnt block the sunset.

After work I scouted 10 locations, at 8PM I drove to the 5 best ones and none of them worked went back to the trail. In minnesota it is not easy to find the horizon trees usualy cover the last 10 degrees of the sky and more.

I printed out a schedule showing a 10 minute progress by day, mapping out day number and how many seconds or minutes one would do on such a day. sungazing for 1 minute corresponds to day 6. Plan is: If the sun is in its last 30 minutes even 45 minutes I can gaze long, but if it’s a bit higher then it is more bright and I stick to the original second count for that day number.  On day 30 one could gaze for 5 minutes, on day 60 for 10 minutes and so on.

Photos (click photo to see full size):

in the AM

Sunrise from a parking lot by a baseball field

in the PM

Evening sunset from a trail 8:20PM

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Sun Gazing – Day 2

July 15th, 2013 No comments

Date: 7/15/2013

Time: 8:00 PM

Location: trail

Barefoot: On gravel trail.


Clouds about to hide the sun had to sungaze as soon as it was safe. Blinked a lot at first and couldnt look straight at the sun.  Being barefoot on the gravel is uncomfortable. My eyes teared up, but it felt good. Moved to another spot on the trail and did another 5 or 10 seconds this time I was able to look directly at the sun and blink normally, i found myself trying to stare and not gaze, no tears and I actually noticed the round sun disk become more visible as my eyes adapted to the light, the sun disk was large as if it was the moon setting down.  I felt humbled and had another emotion I cant explain with words. These few minutes I invested in walking on the trail and gazing at the sun felt like the best thing I did today. It felt like my eyes were getting a massage.

In total, I sungazed about 20-25 seconds. I wanted to sun gaze more but talked myself out of doing so.

I took photos, the last one comes close to showing the sun disk that I saw, but I saw it much clearer all the glare and light wasnt an issue.

I would wait until the sun is lower and redder if I could but I had to sungaze before the clouds covered the sun. However, i gazed within the last 1 hour of sunset. If the sun was lower and redder I would have gazed longer; when the oppurtunity presents itself in the future I will likely gaze for much longer periods at the red low sun (last 20 minutes of sunset).

You can click them to see full (very large) photos.

Standing barefoot on a gravel path to sun gaze (day 2 of sungazing)

standing on gravelFirst spot, about 5 seconds of sungazing here:

Moved to another spot, sungazed more:

This was the sun I looked directly at

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Sun Gazing – In the begining

July 15th, 2013 No comments

This post is for now a placeholder, I will write more about sun gazing here.

I will start to document my sun gazing with a daily blog article, an online log. I might include a photo of the sun from that day. And any other thoughts that come to mind, also any experiences I have.


To start with, I am new to sun gazing, but not enitrely. I have known of the benefits of ‘sunning’ for vision, where you close your eyes and look at the sun and move your head. It warms up the eyes nicely and is relaxing, it also has improved my vision. I fell out of that practice a year ago and now I’d like to get back into it in the form of sun gazing.

more will be added to this post later.