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April 25th, 2010 1 comment

If you searched the words QiGong or Neikung on youtube you will come across 4 videos of a Master / Sufi referred to as John Chang. He seems to be able to generate some sort of electrical energy from within his body’s Chee/Qi or life force and the use of Yin and Yang. He can use this energy to do acupuncture and also to set fires in paper and push a chopstick through a wooden table or chair.

He mentioned meditation, the use of Yin/Yang, some of the comments mentioned Neikung, NaiGong, QiGong, Shai Tsu, electrokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Tai Chi, Mo Pai.. There are many videos on youtube, each has many comments. If you have time you may enjoy reading them.. or it may be a total waste of time.

All the videos and text found below are from youtube. I don’t know if the 4 videos refer to the same guy (they claim to) and what I know is limited to what is seen below so please don’t ask me for info about this guy, I really don’t know much about him; I wish I did though. If you know something about John Chang please post a comment to share it with the world. Enjoy!

Video 1 – New John Chang video
Lawrence Blair returns to the legendary Magus of Java to shoot even more mind blowing footage.

video 2 – John Changs 1st Westerner student
It was just last year I found this person. He is the first Westerner to ever be admitted into the ancient school of Mo Pai. About four or five other Westerners have become students, but all have failed for one reason or another. There has never been another Westerner to have ever reached the 3rd level.
This person is currently in training to go on to the 4th level of nai gong which is different from chi gong, despite what other alleged, pseudo anthorities say.
The short segment is his testing for the 3rd level when he passed in 2000.
Notice that the boxes are against a wall, and they fall forward and not backward as if there was something blowing them backward from the front. There are two methods of either pulling them forward or pushing them backward. The distance between his hand and the boxes is over 9 feet; a tape measure is seen on the floor.
As you can see in the video, along with the Wester student is the world famous master/teacher, John Chang and his son.

video 3 – John Chang chopstick demonstration

Those who have read Kosta’s book The Magus of Java know that at some point John Chang picked up a chopstick, transferred his qi into it and pushed it with but little effort through thick wood. In this video he performs this demo. Credit goes to serialjunkie for this video.

video 4 – John Chang歌唱表演指導 02

John Chang is practicing something called tele-emphaty.He can ‘feel’ the emotion from another? person, and then send it back to them. In this case, he multiplying it back to the girl, according to the emotion the girl has, based on the memory of that song she sing.

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The Definition of Telekinesis, Psychokinesis, Pyrokinesis and More Psychic Kinesis Phenomena

April 22nd, 2010 No comments

kinesisThere are many kinds of kinesis that are considered paranormal or psychic. The word Kinesis is defined as:

a movement that is a response to a stimulus but is not oriented with respect to the source of stimulation


Movement or activity of an organism in response to a stimulus such as light.


These are the most commonly mentioned forms of Psychic Kinesis:

Aerokinesis is The ability to control and create air currents.

Atmokinesis is The ability to control pressure changes and the weather.

Atmoskinesis is The ability to control and create all four elements. (Earth, Air, Fire and Water).

Audiokinesis is the ability to control and create sound waves.cryokinesis: The psychic ability to control and create ice and cold temperatures

Dynamokinesis is The ability to control and create all four forces. (Electromagnetic, Strong and Weak Nuclear Forces and Gravity).

Electrokinesis is The ability to control and create electrical fields.
Electrical Psychokinesis (EPK):the ability to manipulate electrical objects. Where street lights, [electrical] clocks, computers, and any /or all electrical appliances are affected; usually negatively.

Hyalokinesis is The ability to control and create glass.

Hydrokinesis is The ability to control and create water.

Lygokinesis is The ability to control raw psionic energy. (Psi Balls/Psi Shields)

Magnokinesis is The ability to control metal and create magnetic fields.

Parakinesis is the ability to locally neutralize inertia, thus enabling a very small amount of force to produce a disproportionate amount of movement in an object.

Peptokinesis is The ability to change the PH of any liquid.

Photokinesis is The ability to control and create light.

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