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Thought of the day: Loneliness and Homesickness

June 2nd, 2011 No comments


Ask yourself:

Could my loneliness really be a homesickness  for my inner divine or god?


Be Your Own Best Friend

August 3rd, 2010 1 comment


We have to learn to be our own best friends because we fall too easily into the trap of being our own worst enemies.

~Roderick Thorp, Rainbow Drive

Who’s Roderick Thorp? What’s Rainbow Drive? I dunno. (Maybe you do? Clue me in if you feel like doing so.) Call me ignorant. And INSPIRED! Cuz this quote is loaded- with the key to your life being much, much easier.

Be easier on yourself.

We are programmed and bombarded daily with negative images, “news”, and feedback about ourselves. So it’s no wonder we run loops of negative self-talk over and over, throughout the day, most of which, is unconscious. Until it’s not.

CATCH YOURSELF- notice when you are saying something negative about either yourSELF or about your LIFE and say “stop”. If you want to add some extra breaking-power, use an EFT/Tapping technique, where you take your index and middle finger, and tap just below your eye, on the top edge of your cheekbone, and say “I release this thought about myself. I completely accept myself, just as I am. All is well.” Then take a few deep breaths and just relax.

You are gonna have to live with yourself for the REST of your life, so you might as well become the best of friends with your own worthy self. If you think you are boring, mean, or not a good friend to others, then start by being open to feeling more excited, kind, and a good friend to yourself. Remind yourself throughout the day that YOU CAN DEPEND on you.

We are here on Earth to be in relationship to other people- to receive help, guidance, love, and companionship from others. This is a huge playing field in which we learn to expand ourselves into grander versions of ourselves. But you can also expand yourself ALL ON YOUR OWN! And you do that by FEELING GOOD.

So start feeling better- about yourself and your capacity to handle WHATEVER life brings your way. Feel better about your ability to be loving, and helpful- seek opportunities to do so, so you can be amazed by your experiences. Feel better about your life, no matter WHAT is going on (or NOT going on), but tapping that point below your eye and affirming that life can get better, and you are learning to be your “bestest” friend in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD.

Then others will do the same. And you don’t even have to “try”- you don’t have to convince them of anything, or say or do anything to help them change. It will be AUTOMATIC. People may start to watch you, look at you, and wonder “what is WITH you?” and you may reply by saying “myself. I am with me. I’m the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” And you’re here to ROCK the world! To shake it back awake- Our brothers and sisters are in need of love and this gentle reminder. Let yourself remember just how amazing you are.

I love you!

Why Do People Worship Idols?

July 12th, 2010 2 comments

why do people worship sports figures?
why do people worship celebrity?
why do people worship leaders?
why do people worship capitalism?
why do people worship the stock market?
why do people worship money?
why do people worship rich individuals?
why do people worship material items?
why do people worship vane concepts?
why do people worship figures?


why do people worship idols?

why do people even care





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April 30th, 2010 No comments

Smiley_Face3Will you take a moment, right now, to stop whatever it is you are doing, and close your eyes, then smile. Just feel that. What do you notice? Then open your eyes, continuing to smile. How does that feel?

It is not always realistic to go from feeling totally down in the dumps to smiling and feeling joyful. But consider this: when you smile, the brain secretes chemicals from neurotransmitters such as Endorphins, which reduce pain, as well as Serotonin and Dopamine, which affect the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) and the sympathetic nervous system (SNS), causing a positive shift within our entire being- the thoughts we have, the feelings we emit, and the state of our physical body. SMILING IS A NATURAL DRUG.

Have high blood pressure? Studies have shown there is a measurable reduction in blood pressure when smiling. Give it a try if you have a blood pressure monitor at home- sit for a few minutes and take a reading. Then smile for a minute and do another reading. Do you see the difference?

Smiling is an interesting circle- you can start from either side of the spectrum: experience something happy, and find yourself smiling about it! Or take a moment to pause and smile, and you can experience the feeling of happiness. And when we take the time to experience the feeling of happiness, we become magnetic to more happy things to occur in our lives!

Over the past month, I take moments out of every day just to crack a big smile, for no good reason, other than to just do it and see what happens. And you know what? It has me feeling more confident. I feel healthier, and more vibrant. I feel magnetic to what I desire in my life, and more open to the awareness that as I do what I can do, from where I am at, to achieve what I have in mind, smiling more is instilling a greater sense of success, from within. I am seeing this being reflected in the reality around me- especially in my business! I then intentionally send this feeling out into the world, seeing success and prosperity filling everyone’s lives.

WHAT FUN! And it’s FREE! We can ALL afford to take 60 seconds out of every day, or perhaps every hour, to pause, smile, and just bask in the various effects it has on us.

We are powerful little creatures, with enormous capabilities. Our power rests in our choices- nobody can make you focus your attention on a particular feeling. We have free will to let any train of thought or emotion run it’s course through our minds and bodies. We can use our smile as a tool for transformation, for ourselves and for sharing! And finding the wholeness within ourselves.

~angie la

Change The Way You See, Not The Way You Look

April 15th, 2010 No comments

changethewayyouseeAs I was scanning my eyes over the buffet of bumper stickers plastered  to the passenger side of a car, this one jumped out at me.  I had never seen that before!  Never heard that before, never thought of that before-  “What does that mean to me?” I wondered, and toyed with the idea in my head.   Immediately my mind showed me an image of a person, being bombarded with information and opinions, mainly mass media: magazines, television, newspapers, radio, advertisements, etc.  Then i thought of a parent, pointing their finger at their child, telling them they are not enough of this, they are too much of that, etc.  Then we can bring in religion.  And societal ‘norms’.  And culture.  And the list goes on and on…

I thought of how quickly we tend to compare ourselves to each other, to the status quo, to what everything “out there” is telling us.  We are constantly being told how to be.  We are being told how to look FOR the world and how we should SEE the world.  So we don’t always see the truth about ourselves.  Most people have maybe never even pondered , let alone remembered that WE ARE FINE THE WAY WE ARE.

You may not like your body, you may not like the way you appear to others, you may look in the mirror and resist what you see, whether it’s your face, your skin, your hips, your hair, but

YOU ARE FINE THE WAY YOU ARE.  Take a deep breath.  Take a load off!  Can you feel any relief from this possibility??

It’s easy for us to get overloaded and mislead by everything around us.  But the truth of you is inside you- always was, always will be, You cannot lose it.  You’ve just forgotten it’s there.  I am a bodywork practitioner, and that’s why I LOVE doing massages for people- it chills us out, quiets us down, in body and mind, allowing our truth, each individual’s deep well of wisdom and uniqueness, to easily float closer to the surface, eventually permeating out into what appears to be beyond the boundary of our bodies- into what we call ‘reality’

When we stop fussing, mussing, worrying over and trying so damn hard to look good, be ‘appropriate’, make a positive impression and be accepted by people, and we instead put our intention and focus on feeling peaceful, grounded, centered in our True Self’s awareness… we just naturally shine!  And we become magnetic- to other people and to what we want.  That’s hot.  It’s attractive!  And innate within us- patiently waiting, right now, to flood every cell of you and influence all the ways you go about and interact with the world: through your thoughts, words and deeds.

Take a deep breath.  Instead of trying to fix or change what you’re seeing, just let it be.  This goes for your body, as well as any and every situation in which you could ever find yourself.   When we let it be,  it can then have the space and opportunity to change, right before your very eyes.  If it doesn’t change, then at lease your concept of it will-  Cuz everything starts within, behind the eyes.  What ideas and perceptions you hold inside, determines what your eyes will see outside.

Botox, make-up, the right clothes, cologne, teeth-whitening kits, most personal care products- don’t even care of us at all-they are toxic and poisonous.   What most people put on and in their bodies is an underlying  futile attempt to help us feel whole.

Wholeness starts within.  Seek within.  Change the way you see things, and worry less and less about how you look on the outside.  Go to the core of you, the truth of you, which nothing can alter, and will not be masked for much longer. Things are really shifting right now on our planet, are they not?!   We are being called now ,to change the way we see each other, our relationship to the planet, and our connection to what many refer to as God.  Through this fresh way of seeing, we are making manifest heaven on earth.  Heaven floats within you!

May you blissfully float in and exist from the Heaven within you.


Happy Valentines Day!

February 14th, 2010 No comments

heartGreetings and salutations!

the following is a message that I feel is very worthy of sharing with those of us who are seeking wholeness, especially on this day many call “valentines day”. This message was sent out yesterday from the founder and leader of Young Living brand essential oils. if you don’t know who or what i’m talking about then here’s my quick shpeel: Young Living is passionate and serious about producing therapeutic-grade products; Gary has the strictest standards for purity, potency and safety when it comes to the essential oils that Young Living produces, and he is passionate about bringing a higher quality of life to all of the world. if you are new to ‘essential oils’, they can be considered, but are far from limited to the word aromatherapy. they are basically considered the blood of a plant/tree/fruit/flower and this blood contains enormous healing potential, and is imbued with the intelligence of nature.

I am a distributor of these oils-
i use them in a variety of ways daily, on myself, on dogs, and in my massage and healing practice, so i have stories from using the oils myself, as well as from other people over the last year and a half, since I first heard about Young Living.

i hope you have a wonderful valentine’s day! know that i love you, and care for you so very much. You are an invaluable piece of the giant Cosmic Puzzle, I will say. and that is no small thing! I mean, your ability to realize grander dreams and desires for ourselves and others, is important. Your health, happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction in life IS IMPORTANT. i think you came here to this thing we call “Life” to evolve and achieve deeper fulfillment in your own unique and perfect way. And really, right here and now, you are doing that just perfectly. You are perfect, whole and complete. You are lovely. I love you!

if you would like to get to know more about the Young Living essential oils on your own, you can click here or just get in touch with me.



Happy Valentine’s Day!
Advice from founder of Young Living brand therapeutic oils, D. Gary Young
“I feel very strongly that the biggest problem we face today is a lack of love. I learned several years ago from patients I saw in my practice that the cause of what we call “dis-ease” is nothing more than a deficiency of self love. When we have self love, we take care of our body–our temple–because we expect it to serve us. When we have self love, we feed it the way it should be fed. When we have self love, we nurture and care for our bodies. We don’t damage and destroy them.

A New Year is Here

January 1st, 2010 1 comment

ar119895516288958Happy New Year!

At this time, a week after the celebration of Christmas, we find ourselves gearing up for one more round of parties, celebration, and perhaps some deep reflection and quiet contemplation.   And we carry on a tradition of making , what many people call, New Year’s Resolutions.

I was pondering this word on the night of the solstice- when the light begins to return for longer periods than the darkness- and it dawned on me (no pun intended!) that the evening of the solstice felt more like “New Year’s” to me than anything.  A new year was beginning for me that night, as the darkness would be given less time to linger, and the light would be filling our days moreso.  What a great way to think about how we are moving into a new chapter in our lives.  The chapter of 2010-

But the meat of what I got to pondering, on that cold, crisp night here in Minnesota, where I live… was the word “resolution”; what’s with this making new year’s resolutions stuff?  I find there is a lack of feeling and motivation behind this word, resolution.

I wondered how many other people hear that catch-phrase and imagine the plethora of topics that are common in our country:  eating healthier, going on a diet, losing weight, getting in shape, paying off debt, quit smoking, quit drinking, quit this, quite that, stick-to-this, follow-through-on-that, etc.  These things can sound like such a CHORE!  And then it hit me:  the very word itself, resolution, implies there is something to be resolved, and if something is to be resolved, then we must first have a “problem”.

Well, I don’t like the word problem. When we take into account the Bigger Picture, I feel that here, there are no problems.  A problem is a matter of perception.  They are just a sign-post that something is simply out-of-whack in our mind and our heart, and thus is spills forth into our outer lives.  So we must bring it into the light, where it will be TRANSFORMED, brought back into alignment, and returned to us as a fresh perspective, a right outlook, a new energy that will fill us and point us in the direction of where we would like to be going.

After all, nothing can truly be destroyed, extinguished, or ended.  ALL is energy, ever changing, in a state of flux, shifting and moving and altering form as it naturally evolves or as we come along and perceive it and project our energy onto it.  So it’s not that bad habits need to be cut out of our lives- in fact, this can prove to be quite difficult!  Going “cold turkey” just usually doesn’t work that well.  But if we offer it to the Light, it will be transformed and shifted in the way that is most effective and perfect for us.

We are not here to resolve our lives or “fix” the world- WE ARE HERE TO TRANSFORM IT.

And Oh!  What a grand opportunity that is.

May you know that you,

right here, right now,

are FULLY  EQCUIPED to do just that-

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About My Migraines

June 23rd, 2009 No comments

I’ve talked about migraines here before. Here’s a little about my experience with them. I believe I started to have migraines back in 2006. At first I didn’t know they were migraines, I was confused why I kept getting ill and why I had headaches. Then came the auras which made things clear, yes I had migraines, and not so clear because these auras left me almost blind.

By 2007, I was getting one every week. Initially most occurred on the weekend or early in the week.

They were accompanied by the spots of light that usually grew larger, these are the auras, if you don’t know what they’re called. I simply referred to them as bright light spots, or a single bright light spot, that sometimes had other colors mixed in, sometimes had a blank/dark spot as well. The auras often reminded me of staring straight into a flash light.

They would grow and sometimes cover enough of an area in my field of vision that I had to find a place to sit and wait it out because my vision was impaired t a degree that I couldn’t see and operate (walk, meet people or drive) safely.

Naturally other symptoms showed up. Usually after I saw the auras, and even when the auras were long gone, I would deteriorate in terms of weakness and headache intensity until by night time I find myself throwing up and feeling like I am so sick and weak that I could die.

This all became too common, too frequent. I was ‘falling apart’.

As a result of my migraines, I grew to recognize them in their early stages and to catch these early symptoms and listen to my body and start to take action steps to stop the oncoming migraine in its tracks.

After other health issues ocurred, I made a commitment towards my health, and followed through. This lead to less migrains and to my ability to stop them before they get really bad. Sometimes I forget my commitment, and that’s when I get a migraine.

I guess, now, migraines are my body’s way of reminding me to take care of my mental, emotional and physical wellness and health.

Almost Done Reading Molecules Of Emotion by Candace Pert

June 15th, 2009 1 comment

I’ve been reading the book: Molecules Of Emotion by Candace Pert. I have a chapter left to go, and I am very eager to read it.

I have to say, the more you read the better this book gets. The first half is more of a biography, and is a very good foundation for the later parts of the book, it also gives you an insight into the life of a scientists in the lab. The last few chapters have a different taste and are loaded with information, names and useful references.

If you are interested in researching holistic and complementary health topics or the body-mind connection, the later half of this book is a very good starting point.

Find it on Amazon and read users reviews (rated by 118 readers – got 4starts/5 avg rating as of the date of this article)

Homeless and Happy

May 28th, 2009 No comments

Have you ever day dreamed about not owning a house, not having to pay rent or mortgage or the never ending utility bills? How about living in the jungle or in a small cabin on some serene hill? Have you ever wished you could climb a mountain, finding a cave and converting it into your residence?

How would you like a small tent or a tipi (tepee) as a place to sleep and rest while having the whole wide world and nature as your real home? ….. Have you ever imagined that?

Have you ever wondered how you would fair without modern life amenities such as electricity, hot water, the internet, personal automotive vehicles or huge grocery stores?

Have you wondered why? Why you live in a city, why you have to work and why we use money?

Have you imagined different systems of living than the ones we live in and rely on nowadays? What would it be like to un-institutionalize yourself from all these systems?

Are homeless people homeless for the same reasons? Is it a life choice? Is it your right to make that choice?

Watch this video about Michael, a homeless person living in the hills around Fairfax, California. It has him talk about his experience, why he is homeless, what it is like to be homeless in Fairfax.

In this interview, Michael says “its my choice to be here right now, i wouldn’t trade [this for anything else]“. He also says that living in nature is a “really healing thing”.

If the video above is not working try watching the interview here: Make sure you read the comments under the video as well.

All The Mental Health Licenses and Certificates

May 14th, 2009 2 comments

phdMany stare at the letters stacked next to a psychologist, counselor, therapist or another mental/social health professional and wonder what these letters really mean.

These letters are abbreviations that indicate professional licenses and certificates that a particular health professional has.

In this article I am listing all the licenses and certificates within the mental health profession (that I am aware of). To find the graduate degrees these professionals need read my previous article “All The Mental Health Degrees

Here’s the list:

These are used by licensed clinical social workers.  A licensed clinical social worker has a graduate academic degree, has completed supervised clinical work experience and has passed a national- or state-certified licensing exam.

This advanced practitioner holds a license that allows him or her to receive health-care insurance reimbursements.

(Source: National Association of Social Workers)


MFT stands for Marriage and Family Therapist. A licensed marriage and family therapist has a graduate academic degree (a 2- to 3-year master’s degree or a 3- to 5-year doctoral degree) along with clinical work experience. This therapist has passed a state-certified licensing exam.

Most states offer this license. Along with the two- to three-year full-time masters programs with a practicum and internship, LMFTs are required to complete 1,000 to 2,000 hours of individual or family therapy with 100 hours of supervision. This can take one to three years.

(Source: American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists)

LP or NCPsyA

The licensed psychoanalyst has obtained his license from the state department of education (requirements vary from state to state).

Recipients of this license must have a master’s degree or higher, and must complete psychoanalytic study in a program deemed qualified by the state DOE.

An LP must complete a supervised psychoanalysis program and pass a state-certified examination.

(Source: New York State Department of Education)

These stand for licensed professional counselor, licensed professional clinical counselor or licensed mental health counselor. These licenses are granted to those who have advanced training, a graduate academic degree, clinical work experience and have passed a state-certified licensing examination.

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All The Mental Health Academic Degrees

May 13th, 2009 No comments

If you are considering attending a school to become a mental health professional (counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc) you probably found that you have many degree options. Psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, counselor, social workers and others have different degree and licensing options.

If you are considering seeking assistance from a mental health practitioner but feel lost when you see the different degrees and their abbreviations, this article will help you.

This article compiles all the academic degrees that all kinds of mental health professionals need to acquire. In the next article I will discuss all the certificates and licenses used by mental health professionals.

Let’s start:

PhD stands for a Doctor of philosophy. This academic degree is earned after anywhere from four to seven years of graduate study.

Many psychologists, therapists, counselors and coaches hold a doctorate of philosophy.

A PhD in psychology emphasizes research and teaches theory as well as statistics and data gathering. A lot of the PhD holders work in academic settings, as professors or researchers.

If a PhD graduate who does not work in academic setting usually practices as a Psychologist. Psychologist are fully trained in the assessment and treatment of all behavioral conditions ( i.e. anxiety, depression, anger, etc).

(Source: American Psychological Association)


PsyD stands for Doctor of psychology. PsyD focuses on therapy and counseling rather than research.

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What I Learned About Being Happy

April 15th, 2009 8 comments

impmsgWont you say that the pursuit of happiness is one thing that is programed in most of us?  Not counting mentally unstable individuals, its safe to assume that we all want to be happy. The interesting thing though is how little we know about what it takes to be happy or satisfied. We often seek happiness only to create suffering.

I use the words ‘happy’ and ‘satisfied’ interchangeably, the way I see it they are the same. Suffering also needs to be clarified here, suffering encompasses any of these: stress, negative emotions, misery, pain, etc.

Why is the list below so long (80+ topics)? Well, after getting a pulmonary embolism last week, a potentially lethal medical condition, I decided to write down a list of ideas and concepts that are dear to me in one post and to push them out on the Internet. This article is essentially my message to the world; I was planning on writing an article for each of (or a combination of) the topics listed below; as you will notice some article have already been written; however, who knows if I’ll live long enough or if I’ll ever have the time to write articles on all these topics.

The list below is a compilation of things I learned or developed (through thought processes), philosophies, beliefs and ideas that I consider dear to my heart and I do live by.  I do not want to take credit for any of the topics below, these were passed on to me through people, nature and other life events. I only learned them, tried to sincerely live them, and now, wrote them down. I believe that the more of these that you embrace the more satisfied and happy you will become.

Please share your tips for happiness by leaving a comment.

Message to the world, brought to you by Wholeness Blog:

  1. Appreciate and delight in the smallest things and the simplest things.
  2. Plan the future but don’t get obsessed about it. You can plan so much, but when something unplanned happens, then it is what it is, collect yourself and move on.
  3. Many unexpected things may happen, sometimes things are what they are, sometimes they are not. Know which is which.
  4. If you are faced with bad news, a bad reality, you will have to first accept it before you can deal with it. Some people go through denial and other moods, but you cannot move forward until you accept reality.
  5. Take what you have and go along with it. Make the best with what you have.
  6. See the positives and the lessons in everything  you experience.
  7. Don’t see the obstacles and the so called ‘negative’ things, you will only pull yourself away from living a better life.
  8. When you dream or plan, be free, explore all the possibilities, identify your dream as if no restrictions exist at all. Then, add the restrictions, examine which are real and which are self imposed, then create plans.
  9. There is no good or bad. A few things are absolute good or bad, the rest are all in between, they are shades of gray. Even in your life, what you see as bad, may actually be good, your evaluation of something as bad is your own opinion, your own view, and your view is influenced by your mind set. (Read this on the good and bad).
  10. Keep your mind OPEN to seeing the good in everything.
  11. Stop and notice nature, birds, the wind, beaches, rain, smells, grass, dew drops, plant leaves, etc.. and see the beauty and life in them.. See the good in them.
  12. See the good in you, all you’ve done, all you’ve overcome, the past events and challenges you lived through. Appreciate what you’ve managed to do and deal with. See how all these things made you who you are now and how they made you more mature and stronger.
  13. Respect yourself. If you don’t no one will.
  14. Love yourself. If you don’t no one will.
  15. See the good that you have, your healthy blood, brain, eyes, ears, oh so many things that you are fortunate to have.
  16. Demand respect of others, BUT give it back.
  17. Treat others as you wish to be treated.
  18. Make peace not war, in your mind, in your heart, with others, with nature and with everything.
  19. Appreciate what you got. Do not take anything for granted. We got countless of things that should not be taken fro granted, for instance: Your house, the roads, the water, sewers, the food, the highway system, having fuel, electricity, the sun, the clean air, the money you have, your job, pets, rain, the night sky, green plants, fruits and on top of them all your health.
  20. Remember, so many people are not as blessed as you are.
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