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Therapeutic Uses of Hypnotherapy & Out-of-Body Experiences

January 22nd, 2009 2 comments
An out-of-body experience, or OBE, involves the feeling of floating outside of one`s physical body. Some people report being able to see their physical body while having an OBE. According to researchers an OBE has therapeutic benefits for people including helping them cope with stress. Science Daily reports that one in ten people will have an out-of-body experience in their lifetime.
There are several different types of out-of-body experiences. One occurs during sleep. People who have had an OBE during sleep have also reported having a lucid dream prior to the OBE. They also said that their sleep was not deep. Another type of OBE occurs in near-death experiences. It is thought that either mental or physical traumatic events could cause such an OBE to occur.
An OBE coincides with astral projection is the belief that your mind can be separate from the body. Often times, people who have had an OBE state that they have looked at their own bodies when they have managed to separate themselves from it. It’s difficult to determine exactly what causes an OBE but researchers say that hypnosis can help induce such a state.
Researchers involved in the study wanted to see how out-of-body experiences would affect the patients view of themselves and if it would influence their behavior. The three participants in the study each had different issues to be addressed.

The researchers concluded that an OBE greatly improved the therapeutic benefits for each of the patients.

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