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My Second Meeting with the Therapist

September 25th, 2008 No comments

As explained in a previous post, my first meeting with the physical therapist inspired me and re-ignited the interest I’ve always had in the mind, body and soul connection. Based on this interest I decided to start this blog in order to share with you my notes, research and experiences. I then shared with you the lovely and familiar sensation (i.e. life force) that I experienced while practicing guided imagery with the aid of an audio CD called Relaxation & Wellness by Belleruth Naparstek last week.

Today, I had my second meeting with the physical therapist. I left the meeting with an arsenal of new techniques and lots of useful information that I will share with you in future blog articles.

Below is a summary of topics that were brought up at the meeting today, some topics were brought up by me, others by the therapist probably because of my interest in learning about body, mind and soul. The list below along with these topics give you an idea about what topics you should expect to find in this blog.

The List:

  1. Being Aware of Emotions & Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
  2. Separating the mind from the body while meditating vs. conscious meditation
  3. Meditating to be fully present in the body – enlightenment comes through the feet
  4. The mind and body cannot be separated, we need to exercise both (physical and mental exercise) to get rid of headaches
  5. Controlling the respiratory pattern of the PEC muscle
  6. Applied kinesiology
  7. Energy Medicine Psychology
  8. Body Polarity
  9. Tapping Treatment
  10. Limbic System
  11. Disturbing Dreams / Nightmares
  12. Do dreams reflect my daytime thoughts or my subconscious mind?
  13. Does the subconscious communicate via words and language or via imagery / symbols?
  14. Lucid Dreaming
  15. Guided Imagery to Reduce Headaches
  16. Dealing with too much back muscle use
  17. Gravitational Training:
    • Sitting and Standing gravitational training – Relaxing the spine
    • Sub-Occipital Muscle Release and Cranial Relaxation (using 2 tennis balls in a sock)
    • Active Thoraco Dorosal Inhilation
    • Inverted Lake Posture

Stay tuned for more!