Shamanism Resources

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Here’s a list of online shamanism resources:

Major Shamanism Websites

Shamanism Some helpful Shamanism FAQs, information about Ayahuasca, and links to shamanistic traditions throughout the world.

Ayahuasca SpiritQuest: Listening to the Plants – Transformational … Website for SpiritQuest, an organization that offers workshop retreats “exploring traditional shamanic ayahuasca healing practices and multi-disciplinary ethnobotany in the rainforests of Amazonian Peru.”  The site also contains an online workshop study guide with extensive information and articles about Shamanism.

Shamanism around the World

Celtic Shaman’s Universe Offers information and resources on Celtic and British shamanism, with an emphasis on shamanic storytelling. “AUM: A Scriptural Rosary of Renewal and the Essential Doctrines or Dharma of Christian Shamanism.”

Aado Lintrop’s www pages “Studies in Siberian Shamanism and Religions of the Finno-Ugrian Peoples.”

Asian Shamanism “Emphasizing Laos and Hmong Shamanism”

Shamanism: Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies Includes articles and courses on Scandanavian shamansim.

Shamanism Online Classes, Magazines, Journals, and Forums

Earth Shamans Offers an e-zine, essays, a free online class, and more.

Spirit Talk An online newsletter

Yahoo! Groups : urbanshamanpjct “The Urban Shaman Project group has been created to collect and to share the experiences of people holding to shamanistic beliefs and practices and yet integrated into modern city living.”

Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic Offers an ezine, a forum, and about a dozen online courses that involve a fee.

Articles Related to Shamanism

Mircea Eliade: From Primitives To Zen A hypertext conversion of Mircea Eliade’s book, which is an anthology of religious texts.

The Flight of the Condor Contains dozens of articles on shamanism by Aufsteigender Adler.

Internet Sacred Text Archive Main Index The Internet Sacred Text Archive.  Contains a huge collection of texts on dozens of spiritually related topics.  Its shamanism section includes dozens of articles.

Vision Quests and Shamanic Circles

Shamanic Circles Has an extensive list of shamanic circles located around the world. Also, ‘Spirit Talk’, an online newsletter, can be found here.

Foundation for Shamanic Studies founded by Michael … The foundation facilitates over 200 shamanic training programs worldwide.  Also, About a dozen articles relating to shamanism can be found here.

Other Helpful Shamanism Links Pages

Shamanism Some helpful Shamanism FAQs, information about Ayahuasca, and links to shamanistic traditions throughout the world.

Tree Of Life Links Well organized list of shamanism links, including Worldwide Shamanic Cultures, Online journals and organizations, Power & totem animals, and General shamanism sites.