Tingling Goosebumps Equals Life Energy

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What is that tingling, electric, goosebumps-y sensation that some experience?

In this blog entry I talk about my experience with this sensation. This is not a new sensation but I recently experienced it in abundance.

Throughout my life I had felt tingling waves that went inside of my body and spread on the surface of my skin while meditating or praying, especially when in deep relaxation or concentration. When this sensation is on the surface it is accompanied by goose bumps that swarm the skin and traverse the body in waves. When inside the body, this sensation is like a cloud of charged tingling particles. I found it possible to direct this cloud of sensation with concentration. Does this sound familiar?

In the Past:

I felt this sensation for a very long time, ever since I was a teenager (when I used to experiment with unguided meditation accompanied by Christian prayer). I remember directing this sensation towards spots in my body that were in need of healing on some occasions.

As a teenager, with little knowledge or direction, I discovered this ‘sensation’ on my own; it was not intense though; I had an inkling that it was a healing force. However, I always doubted and questioned everything that could not be measured scientifically; as it is, even after I read that this sensation was known as the ‘life force’ I was never a 100% sure that it was. I always exclaimed that feeling something doesn’t make it exist in a physical reality.


While at my first physical therapy session, I did 20 minutes of guided imagery meditation (Used: Relaxation & Wellness by Belleruth Naparstek – purchased from Health Journeys). This tingling feeling got generated inside of me with each deep breath, I was not expecting it; I was a little surprised when I felt this sensation. However it manifested in me and was more intense than I had ever experienced before. I also enjoyed this feeling because I felt a sense of relief and familiarity, it felt very well.

Interestingly, this sensation lasted even after the session was over; as I took in a deep breath it would increase and seemingly circumvent my body. It slowly dissipated as I got distracted by life.

What is This Sensation?

This is the life energy or the life force that manifests inside of every person. Some have never felt it, in fact they just are not aware of its presence. Every person is capable of feeling and amplifying this sensation.

Scientific Proof of Life Force

Let’s keep this simple and clear. As of today:

  • The Sensation: I cannot say this sensation is anything else but a sensation. Sensations like smell, sight and touch are actually exist in the brain. Every person’s brain interprets senses differently. Every smell or image you see are actually interpreted electrical pulses in your brain. Human sensations are not accurate measure nor are they a scientific proof of the existence of something. We got to measure this sensation with equipment in order to proof its existence scientifically. I do not have such tools.
  • The energy: I cannot prove this sensation is a measurable energy, whether it is static electricity, human cell electricity, cold electricity, life energy, the holy ghost or anything other kind of energy. I lack the tools needed for a measurement.

I can sense these things, every scientific observation is a result of sensing whether it is seeing, smelling, reading results off a monitor, we rely on senses all the time even in science.

What I Can Prove

  • I know that this sensation relaxes me, refreshes me, and clears my mind
  • I know that experiencing this sensation dissipates my migraine headaches
  • I can feel my headache disappearing
  • I can see goosebumps on my skin

In summary, I know that this is a sensation that I can feel, I know it works for me and reliefs my headaches, so I can argue that it is real to me and delivers real outcome.

Have you Ever Felt this Sensation?

How did it feel to you, was it electric, tingling, goosebumps, cold, warm??

If you haven’t that is fine.. In my future articles I will show you how easy it is to be aware of this life energy inside of you.

  1. Susan
    December 17th, 2010 at 17:52 | #1

    It is the awakening that is occurring. Its a higher density energy in the galaxy that our solar system is currently going through. ITs causing all the planets in our solar system to change (either by surface brightening, heating, or higher electromagnetic sphere.)

    This is also causing our bodies to undergo a mass evolution. We are experiencing a great awakening in consciousness the likes of which the world has never seen. It will culimate in 2012.

    There is a movie called The Last Mimzy. Please watch it. I say to watch it because in the beginning the teacher in the field of wildflowers is talking to the children telepathically.

    Eventually the most evolved humans will learn this skill. Whenever I write about this concept, or think deep thoughts I also get this tingling sensation in the back of my head.

    It is almost as if I can ask questions and the tingling is an affirmative response that yes, what you typed is correct. I can also feel it when only thinking certain thoughts. Although it is easier when I journal on the computer.

    Other messages I have received are “HOPE FOR HUMANITY” and someone is truly watching us “From A Distance” as the song speaks of.

    I did a lot of journalling last year. By a lot I am saying over 500 essays. Some of it was very intersting. I deleted it because it was somewhat prophetic and it made me uncomfortable. The words were not my own. I suppose New Agers call this channeling.

    I am not trained to do this but sometimes when I ask, the tingling sensation affirms that I have a talent in this area. I know it sounds very crazy to say all of this. I hope my reply helps some of you.

    It is unsettlening that someone is listening to our thoughts. But isn’t that what prayer is? Just be careful, once you tap into the kind of communication I have, not all of it is reliable. There can be confusing messages that if taken too seriously can lead to psychotic perceptions.

  2. brandendebloem
    April 13th, 2011 at 14:39 | #2


    Great to see all these people here. Not only am I not alone in having this sensation … there are many like me! I’ve been looking on Google before, but I’m glad this time I hit the jackpot :)
    Unfortunately the forum is down. Should we start a community on Facebook or (preferably) a similar open-source platform.

    I also experience only good things. Have never tried to “send” it, although I would love to share, so I’ll give it a shot.

    I can recommend getting it on the lips ;)

    It would be great if science could say something about this. What is the evolutionary psychology take on this feeling? I love it too much to think it’s redundant.

    All the best,


  3. Luna
    May 20th, 2011 at 17:45 | #3

    I am 27 years old, and I believe I have experienced a similar phenomenon. I do not meditate, or anything but find this feeling comes over me at odd times. One I have noticed, when I watch the movie “Kundun” (about the life of the 14th Dalai Lama) I will have this feeling, mostly during the peaceful parts. Or another example, while watching this clip http://youtu.be/y5yPh8trI9k
    It just feels so wonderful, of course I had to track down the movie, so that after a long, trying day I can watch it and I feel at peace.

  4. Mike
    November 20th, 2011 at 19:08 | #4

    I am 25 years of age and I can trigger this ‘force’. When doing so, it starts in the back of the neck and spreads to the head (back of the head, cheeks), arms and legs. I also can make it go away, and by doing that I feel something weird just above my ears.

    I never knew this was a science-related item until now.

  5. David
    December 5th, 2011 at 13:20 | #5


    I am experincing the same thing and have come to about the same conclusion, I believe these “tingling” feelings are extremely good for us and our being as they only seem to occur when realizing pure thoughts, secrets of the universe, and confirmations (yes) of “real” questions. I am glad we are expeirencing this on a global level and feel as if its our body going through an extremely fast evolution as I have come to believe the tinges are old atoms (old improper ways of thinking, feeling, ect) dying and rebirthing into purer, stronger atoms. I am 22 and since my personally believed “awakening” a few months ago I get these feeling quite often (About half the day) as long as I stay true to myself and responsibilities toward mankind, I can always tell when I’ve lead myself slightly astray with the absense of this energy. Stay true to your heart and humanity and I feel we will indeed be heading into a pristine new age (very possibly in 4th dimensional consciousness) and will reshape the face of the universe! The age of greed is over!

    Hope this helps someone, all beliefs I’ve expressed here are personal and should be viewed as such. Only believe what you FEEL. I love you guys hope to see you on the otherside.

  6. michael
    February 9th, 2012 at 09:48 | #6

    Hello everyone , during the past year (don’t know exactly how) i can close my eyes and concentrate, instantly feeling a huge euphoria in all of the body , goosebumps in all the surface. i can do that when i think of something ”that is worth thinking” .At the time of the experience the goosebumps can last for several time but you feel something also from within and also something in the brain as i have noticed recently. Im sure that other people experiences the same situation or maybe different i don’t know and that’s not the point at all. The main question is i haven’t found its purpose for me yet. I even saw a dream of my ultimate ”rush”
    which i felt it in my dream the sensation of how it will be when it happens( it may never happen) So, what do we do with it, is there a use for it , and if yes is it different for every individual? is there an expert somewhere for guldens?

  7. April 26th, 2012 at 04:04 | #7

    “I have come to believe the tinges are old atoms (old improper ways of thinking, feeling, ect) dying and rebirthing into purer, stronger atoms.” I love this statement David.

    8-Circuit Model of Consciousness by Timothy Leary is something maybe you may be interested in reading? I have done what I refer to as “atomize” where the objects around me begin to vibrate and particalize, only when I am in an intense mood. I believe this is different than astral travel…there is so much to what is going on with me right now it is difficult to know where to begin, lets just say I am so happy to see others also have this tingling sensation in the back of their heads like I do.

    As mentioned I can ask a question, for example “Is this a good book for me to buy?” Then if it is I will receive confirmation in the form of back of neck up back of my head tingling sensation(also feels electrical) Para Electronic Magnatism(PEM) has something to do with waves of sound on very high dimensional level, I think it is the Whispamaphone Dr. Suess speaks of…search google “alchemy of Dr. Suess” to learn more…I think I will start a Facebook page on this subject! Will you like my page? :) Here is a poem I wrote it is fairly long but I think very relevant.

    Also our third eye is in the back of our head, nape of neck which is where tingling occurs. We already have two eyes on face, who needs a third we need a third eye to watch our back! Sub consciously maybe this is why some like to get tattoos on the nape of the neck? Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung are the experts in collective sub conscious mind…whatever is going on this year is promising. Dahli Lama says this is year of “Radical Compassion!” I believe this to be true. Here is my poem…

    Puppetry?  Or hosting?  Just How Much Of An Unseen World Is There
    Is the best and the worst of man out of his hand?
    Who is pulling the strings?  Who merges with us?
    Are our actions predominately internally driven?
    We are sovereign?

    I seek sovereignty from negative forces in this world.
    Listen to that little angel on my shoulder more than not.
    Carl Jung shocked the world by suggesting that
    all that we are and all we imagine is embedded
    in our minds in ways beyond of our will to
    be otherwise.

    For some yes, Carl Jung, this is true…for others who fight
    hard they dominate basic instinct and rise above
    self-destructive form of immediate gratification and
    programming by a profligate culture thereby building
    a virtuous form of gratification custom designed to
    fit their needs…their need of self-respect and power:
    this is called ambition…and it is gratifying and of a
    higher level than other forms of gratification…

    On a particle level all the mass of creation is just
    one big swirling, trembling, pulsing, ebbing flow of
    mist.  On that level, we certainly do exist as well.
    Some life forms are just more solid than others. 
    The useen world is behind a veil.  What that veil
    is made of, and who set things up to be this way?
    God…I believe in God, a loving and faithful God.
    As Martin Rees put it so cutely.  “According to
    conjecture, our entire universe inflated from a hyper
    dense blob no bigger than an orange.  This universe is
    is governed by the laws that Einstein discovered.  But
    to confront the overwhelming mystery of what banged
    and why it banged, Einstein’s theory isn’t enough.”

    S cubed + d = T

    Well that is where I come in.  Who am I?  Susan likes
    to pretend that she and I(her inner voice) work together,
    that we have a marriage of true minds.  And that through
    her writing and poetry, eventually she will name the name,
    be able to define a little more about Me(my True inner voice) 
    Einstein’s Theory of Reletivity. Mine will be referred to as
    the Gillentine theory on the God Particle.

    She is good at finding fragments of the truth from wide and
    far and marrying them in her poems.  So, whether she can
    do it.  Yes she can, 98 and 3/4% guarenteed.  This little
    lady indeed is going to move mountains.  For all
    to see. 

  8. April 26th, 2012 at 04:11 | #8

    Hi Mike I am building a Facebook page right now and titled “Tingling Sensation In Back Of Neck” you are welcome to visit the page and like it if you want!

  9. April 26th, 2012 at 07:34 | #10


    Here is the fan page address for the fan page I created.
    Peace, Love and Blessings,

  10. Turtle528hz
    June 14th, 2012 at 02:12 | #11

    Hi everyone, just found this blog today and luckily I have lots to share :)

    The feeling I would describe it as… an electrical magnetic vibrational harmonious energy…

    These goosebumps vibration is something I have felt and experienced for a very long time. I have always assumed that everybody else in the world experiences these although some probably don’t pay much attention to them.

    - Back in the days when I was in middle school every now and then my best friend and I would skip school to go out in nature to chill and enjoy life. There we have moments where we would experience all sorts of beauty by just being present living in the now while being out in nature we can naturally induce these goosebumps vibration. We were very open in sharing our experiences and thoughts to eachother that later we eventually became very intuned where we then surprisingly started showing signs of telepathy being able to read eachothers thoughts without barely having to say anything, and we even were able to get to the point where we could have Out of body experiences.

    -During that time I never thought too much on these goosebumps vibration other than being that they were able to help connect with nature and its beauty… but now when I think back on it I really believe its a way of being able to open yourself up and connect whether its with nature, the universe or with others.


    One day something amazing happened… while driving with a friend I decided to put in a Trance CD one that I haven’t heard in years, while playing I began having the intense electrical magnetic vibration throughout my being and I projected the energy outward… the moment that happened this friend described to me he was experiencing goosebumps on his arms and was feeling ecstasy and bliss throughout his being. This helped me come up with a theory; for example, an individual who enters a room and all of a sudden it’s as though the entire room lightens up and same can goes for the opposite someone who enters a room and others suddenly feel uneasy or even scared and afraid.
    What we feel from within we can radiate that energy outward into the environment. I believe it’s through our Aura or what some would call the human bio energy field.

    -Usually I get these vibrations whenever I perceive anything that I consider to be of Beauty&Harmony. I would experience the vibration for a few seconds and sometimes even for over a minute it’s like a tuning fork the vibration hit it’s peak at the start but will gradually lessen the longer it goes.

    The longest Vibrational experience I’ve ever had was probably for 6hours+ and this was when I took Magic mushroom :)
    The experience was amazing! somehow Magic mushroom was able to help raise my vibration to an even higher state one where everything was vibrating and pulsating with this electrical magnetic vibrational harmonious energy it’s Universal! and it is within all things but rarely do we even see it or notice it… how can one perceive the higher vibrational reality when one is seeing it from the lower vibrational reality? You’ll have to raise your level of vibration in order to see and experience it. Which I think this will be happening very soon for a lot of us as Earth shifts and raises its vibration we too will raise in our vibration along with the earth but we will have to learn to let go of lower beliefs that holds us to the lower vibration mainly the illusion that we are separate and alone when in truth we are all connected and One with eachother.

    “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”
    ― Albert Einstein

  11. caino
    September 10th, 2012 at 21:25 | #12

    it’s been a while since it happend to me, about eleven years ago. I was 20 years old and in bed thinking, this force came next to me and i could feel the presence, though it was creepy. suddenly my eyes opened and all i could see was a blue silver and white torrent of a feeling a never had before. i got really scared and the energy left. i sat on the bed turned the light on wrote down some words. once in bed again i let this energy come again. BOOM!!!! it didn’t stop. it went for ages. i realized that it could see it not from my eyes but more like from an inside third eye not in my head more likely from my chest or heart. It was pure joy a source of pure energy fresh and eternal. it left i realized i was crying of happiness. never been a crazy religious guy never joined a spiritual life, though that was strange and unexplainable. but most of all beautiful

  12. seren russo
    seren russo
    October 21st, 2012 at 03:11 | #13

    Hi, I’m 22. I am so glad I’ve found this, I thought I was alone. This tingling feeling I have it like pure energy that runs through what feels like my arms and legs. I don’t meditate, the best I can explain when and why I get this energy is when I feel a overwhelming feeling of compassion, utter love, sometimes I just feel like I’m going to explode with this compassion and then the feeling comes over me. I get goosebumps with it also, it feels like the best feeling on earth.

  13. October 21st, 2012 at 07:56 | #14

    Guys!! yes I’m still alive. wow. Sorry for my slow response in approving your comment, All have been approved. Susan I cant seem to find that facebook page!

    I’m a bit busy now but i will respond to your comments.

    For now, I have one suggestion to ALL of you, in 2 words: Nature and Solitude.

    Go out to nature, away from people, be alone with everything in nature, spend time , look around, explore a bit, look at the sand, grass, trees, greens, sky, clouds, wind, then notice the smells and sounds, observe animals and birds .. then make sure you can feel this place, feel the smells, feel the colors, feel the wind on your skin. Then kick it up a notch and FEEL what you are feeling, i.e. Feel your emotions, do an emotion check, become aware of your emotions, become aware how these natural elements at this moment make you feel.

    You will likely experience the goosebumps and this energetic mystical sensation if you follow the advice i gave above, you might experience it early or you might not experience it until the last part where you tune in and become aware of your emotions regarding nature.

  14. January 24th, 2013 at 09:45 | #15

    Guys! I just found out, last night, about this “label” or “name” people attribute to these sensation, they are called ASMR , it stands for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response”. Go to youtube and watch a ton of videos people made relating to ASMR.

    I think ASMR is closely related to hypnosis/subconscious mind/deep relaxation and healing. I also think ASMR itself could be broken down into sub categories, such as ASMR caused by silence/quietness, others by sounds, others by voices, others by smells, others by body language, etc.. But all in all I think all these can be considered to be hypnosis. Hypnosis is a Very normal and natural thing that people experience every day.

  15. January 24th, 2013 at 09:56 | #16

    I still think this tingling is linked to healing, and even possibly might be linked to what chinese medicine calls Chi / life force moving or manifesting on the skin due to the “good” emotions or deep relaxation.

    Ultimately, One should be able to bring on such tingles simply by deeply relaxing then thinking about the feeling and this will bring on the same feeling / tingling.

    Otherwise you can look on youtube for ASMR videos, or any hypnosis, deep relaxion, guided imagery videos… EVEN a video with the sound of waves or wind blowing through trees.

    Alternatively, and more “naturally” you can go on a walk on a trail, feel the wind on your skin, listen to the wind, breathe slowly, or sit at home and take multiple slow deep breaths (yoga style), or listen to a guided imagery audio or self hypnosis, or do some meditation , or prayer, or go to a church and sing, or listen to trance inducing music, or let someone touch your skin or play with your hair .. etc..

    I prefer the subtle and natural and personal approaches to causing these tingles , and when they happen i think of them as healing tingles that spread life force in the body.

    In fact, THIS might be the equivalent of PURRING of cats in humans !!

    My cat purrs so easily, she also goes into deep relaxtion easily.. Humans dont purr, but, what if , we do?

    I think that: ‎”ASMR is the equivalent of purring (of cats) in humans !!”

    Enjoy :-)

    Be well

  16. January 26th, 2013 at 19:12 | #17

    I think it is “human”, “normal”, a sign of being human and alive and aware .. can you imagine being alive without feeling these tingles? I can’t. I’d feel dead.

  17. Jessica
    October 19th, 2014 at 19:49 | #18

    I just randomly googled this and found this page. I HAVE THIS FEELING ALL THE TIME, actual goosebumps on the skin, energy flowing in the body. life force. makes so much sense now. I can breathe deep and it comes in waves. It comes when I am relaxed and happy. It is calming. It is energizing. It is refreshing. I can get it when I am very happy and in the moment my life force is strong. It is def not like goosebumps from being cold. not the same!!!! When I feel grateful and truly happy it comes in waves. I meditate daily and have an open third eye. I have had the feeling over the years but in the last few months, I have it tenfold.

  18. Kristy
    November 12th, 2014 at 13:49 | #19

    Yes!, this is real! this should be taken as a clear message as to the power of all existing within us. I am so relieved to find people who don’t blow of this sensation. The last couple of days I thought up this: temperature, coldness=lack of love energy, remembering we are out of balance.
    Cats purr changes or increases the love frequency in and around themselves, us.
    That is basic and vague to say the least but its a thought.

  19. December 4th, 2014 at 22:02 | #20

    @Jessica and @Kristy
    Very nice Jessica, and Kristy thanks for sharing. I agree with you. It is life force. As in the chinese Chi .. I have however begun to view this as consciousness .. when I become aware of my own consciousness I get these.. consciousness is all there is anyway, so whatever life force might be manifesting it’s actually a creation of consciousness. I am happy to hear from others who experience these, it’s not everyone out there I’ve asked around and 2 out of 10 (very unscientific sampling) said they feel this the rest didn’t.

  20. Mike J
    Mike J
    March 29th, 2015 at 21:09 | #21

    I have had these sensations all of my life as well, starting when I was 14. Interestingly enough it all started while rollerskating at a local indoor rollerskating rink. Now I am 34, 20 years of feeling these experiences off and on, in different intensities and multitudes have saved my life on many occasions. One such occasion was when I was very sick with pneumonia and was my most intense experience of joy and intense overwhelming happiness. I just remember I was sick and miserable and felt like I wasn’t going to make it one minute, and the next, the feeling overtook me with such force that I had no control over it, the healing light and happiness overtook everything else that was happening and healed me. I was also crying with happiness the emotions were so intense.

    Over the years I’ve utilized these healing sensations to a lesser degree to help with back pain, sickness, or other small issues. Combined with other therapies it actually works to help lessen the time between being unhealthy and healthy. I swear that there are times where it was the only thing that helped because nothing else would.

    On another note I feel there are a lot of unanswered questions I have regarding this sensation. I feel there is more to it than just the power to heal and feel good about oneself. There is something deeper and meaningful and connecting. It seems like it is connected to a greater force, a greater intelligence that is so compassionate and knowing that just to feel a small fraction of that is enough to heal the most serious aliment. Being connected to this force also has a calming effect because it seems like no matter what is going on in the world or how crazy it gets this force I call like to call pure love will always triumph. On a personal note I am glad there are other people out there like me feeling these sensations and making the most of them.

    I think that many people can tap into this hidden part of themselves, but just don’t know how. I have written several papers on this subject and would love to write an entire book someday when I am more experienced. Studying and practicing authentic tai chi has helped culminate and promote higher energy levels in my personal experience and I highly recommend it for best results. Thank you for sticking around and reading, hope this helps.

  21. March 30th, 2015 at 07:26 | #22

    I agree with all of your comments and love reading them!

    Enjoy this sensation, play with it, harness it. Breathing, QiGong, Tai Chi, any energy harnessing practice, including simply relaxing, awareness of breath or body awareness, sitting in the sun or being barefoot. This life force is there all the time, we just need to be aware of it. I too, have used it for personal healing during sickness.

  22. Joseph
    April 14th, 2015 at 15:40 | #23

    We are not alone. We are all connected. It is nice to hear about other people’s experiences. In the past 1 to 2 years, I have begun to experience this tingling sensation. It was after I began working with a practitioner in quantum energy transformation (QET). I have had severe anxiety and tensing all my life. I conditioned myself from a very young age to ignore what I am feeling and clamp down on it. This stemmed from the fear of not knowing what I was feeling, whether it was something good or bad.

    I began working on my breathing, staying grounded, and allowing the sensations in my body instead of resisting. This eventually led to me experiencing the tingling sensations, which I debated with myself whether this was the movement of energy I was feeling. After reading these posts, I am more sure than ever before that this sensation is some type of energetic movement, release, and/or healing. It is a way of being, if we allow it to.

  23. AA
    July 3rd, 2015 at 05:18 | #24

    This happens to me to I do not mediate at all but it comes to me in times of insecurity I feel as if someone is sending it to me in times of need and someone is out there for me it’s like a reassurance for me this has been happening since I was 10 and I always knew it was weird I’m 18 now and it’s getting stronger

  24. Christian
    July 19th, 2015 at 15:31 | #25

    Your Spirit and the Holy Spirit are communing.

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