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Quotes from New Earth: Part 1 – On Success, Abundance, Work and Money

December 7th, 2014 No comments


Below you will find a compilation (part 1) of what Eckhart Tolle says in his book New Earth on the issues of success, abundance, work and money…  Other words of interest are: Energy, flow, “not enough”, and who you “really are”, and surrender.  Some parts have been highlighted for you. 

Please note, I am no guru or teacher.  I’m only presenting quotes that I liked (more or less) and ones that seemed to summarize Tolle’s point of view.  The paragraphs below span the entire book, and are not in any particular order, beyond what I felt was appropriate. 


To start you off, let’s look at the quote about ego:


It [the ego] consists of thought and emotion, of a bundle of memories you identify with as “me and my story,” of habitual roles you play without knowing it, of collective identifications such as nationality, religion, race, social class, or political allegiance. It also contains personal identifications, not only with possessions, but also with opinions, external appearance, longstanding resentments, or concepts of yourself as better than or not as good as others, as a success or failure


Now, we are ready for the rest of the quotes:


The ego’s unconscious core feeling of “not enough” causes it to react to someone else’s success as if that success had taken something away from “me.” It doesn’t know that your resentment of another person’s success curtails your own chances of success. In order to attract success, you need to welcome it wherever you see it.


How to be at peace now? By making peace with the present moment. The present moment is the field on which he game of life happens. It cannot happen anywhere else. Once you have made peace with the present moment, see what happens, what you can do or choose to do, or rather what life does through you. There are three words that convey the secret of the art of living, the secret of all success and happiness: One With Life. Being one with life is bieng one with Now. You then realize that you don’t live your life, but life lives you. Life is the dancer, and you are the dance.


Who you think you are is also intimately connected with how you see yourself treated by others. Many people complain that others do not treat them well enough. “I don’t get any respect, attention, recognition, acknowledgment,” they say. “I’m being taken for granted.” When people are kind, they suspect hidden motives. “Others want to manipulate me, take advantage of me. Nobody loves me.”


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Give Your Dreams All You’ve Got

July 5th, 2010 2 comments


Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they’ve got a second.

Give your dreams all you’ve got and you’ll be amazed at the energy that comes out of you.

By William James

The Secret To Getting Rich

March 2nd, 2009 1 comment

While in college I started to get obsessed about becoming rich. Being me, I started to research the topic. I was told to find how the rich became rich and to learn from them, so I did that and met with a bank owner and a wealthy local real estate owner in the town I lived in; I asked them how they made it and took notes diligently.

I still have these notes. Today I dug out a good-sized pile of printouts and notes, the cream of my research into becoming rich. I had spent years researching and accumulating these notes. I heard all sorts of advice, I read all sorts of books and articles. Some of the advice was really useful and it works as general life advice.

As I write this, the pile sits on the floor next to me. My pile of papers includes articles titled ‘The top givers’, ‘The 50 most generous philanthropists’, some were printouts of Forbes 400 profiles, articles on strategies to get rich, incorporating, budgeting, investing, stocks, home ownership, real estate investing, credit card terms, personal finance education, protecting my identity, credit reports, credit score info, 401k articles, being self employed etc.

The pile includes many pages of notes I wrote summarizing a couple books written by a couple famous real estate investing authors (I am withholding their names because they don’t deserve free publicity). My notes also include research on renting homes, being a landlord, inspecting homes, purchasing houses along with city research.

As a result of my interest I ended starting a small business, I also purchased a home that I rented out partially. Successively I started another business and researched multiple small business ideas. Some of these businesses involved selling electronics and selling dietary supplements. I eventually learned that you must enter into a business solely to want make money, you need to actually like the field. Do not start a business selling electronics if you yourself do not like electronics, if you do you will be frustrated quickly even if you are making a profit. Your business must align with your values and philosophy on life. First you must have a passion, a calling, and then comes the income. First, you must know your passions.

To say the least, I traversed a road in life that included a lot of learning, but it all seemed to lead me to now. A lot has changed in the last year, for the better.

Now I find myself seeking things other than seeking being rich. In fact, I don’t care about being rich. Don’t miss interpret this; I still want to own a business, I do want to make money of the ads I place in this blog, I do want to make a difference in this world, and I do need to make a living, etc..

But I am doing (and will continue to do) all that in a very different mindset than the one I had when I accumulated that pile of papers, I feel a need to seek wholeness, not to seek money.

I just threw that pile into recycling, poof it’s gone.

Seeking wholeness has been far more enriching than seeking money.

Further, I beleive that if I seek wholeness and my true passions, that I will be happier and more fullfilled, financial success should follow, if it doesn’t it wont be the end of the world. It is the journey that counts, not the destination.

Let me hear from you, leave a comment.

What Does It Mean To Be Healthy?

November 16th, 2008 No comments

What does being healthy mean? What do you mean when you refer to yourself or someone else using the term “healthy”? Have you paused to consider the ways in which we use the word “healthy” and what “healthy” ultimately refers to?

Here, together, we will look at this word and at the idea of being healthy. We will find what being healthy really means. We will also see how the eight dimensions of wellness and the seeking of wholeness relate to health and being healthy.

Defining being healthy (having health) may be easiest when defining the lack of health. It’s simple really; when something hurts or feels abnormal in your body, you know right away that you are (or that a part of your body is) now unhealthy. So, does being healthy mean the lack of pain? Is this a good enough definition of health?

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The Eight Dimensions of Wellness

October 7th, 2008 9 comments

The Eight (*see comments below) Dimensions of Wellness are:

  1. Emotional Wellness
  2. Environmental Wellness
  3. Intellectual Wellness
  4. Occupational Wellness
  5. Physical Wellness
  6. Social Wellness
  7. Spiritual Wellness
  8. Vocational Wellness

Read about Wellness and the definition of wellness.

Please note that Interpersonal Wellness and Multicultural Wellness are considered the same as Social Wellness.

The Definition of Occupational Wellness

October 5th, 2008 1 comment

What is Occupational Wellness? Occupational wellness refers to one’s attitude about one’s work. It refers to having an interest in your life, which may involve money. An occupationally well person is one that is involved in paid and non-paid activities that are personally rewarding and make a contribution to the well-being of the community at large.

The list below has the components of Occupational Wellness:

  • The choice of profession
  • Job satisfaction
  • Career ambitions
  • Personal performance

Occupational Wellness means:

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What is Wellness & What are the Dimensions of Wellness?

September 28th, 2008 No comments

Wellness doesn’t mean not being sick. Wellness is a dynamic process of change and growth. There are many recognized and interrelated dimensions of wellness such as: Physical, Social, Emotional, Spiritual, Occupational, Intellectual, and Environmental. All the dimension are crucial to the pursuit of wellness.

Wellness refers to a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit. Wellness results in an overall feeling of well-being. To pursue wholeness you have to pursue wellness.

In the west, wellness has been used in the context of alternative medicine and holistic healing since Halbert L. Dunn, M.D. began using the phrase “high level wellness” in the fifties, based on lectures at a Unitarian Universalist Church in Arlington, Virginia, U.S.A.

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