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Sun Gazing – In the begining

July 15th, 2013 No comments

This post is for now a placeholder, I will write more about sun gazing here.

I will start to document my sun gazing with a daily blog article, an online log. I might include a photo of the sun from that day. And any other thoughts that come to mind, also any experiences I have.


To start with, I am new to sun gazing, but not enitrely. I have known of the benefits of ‘sunning’ for vision, where you close your eyes and look at the sun and move your head. It warms up the eyes nicely and is relaxing, it also has improved my vision. I fell out of that practice a year ago and now I’d like to get back into it in the form of sun gazing.

more will be added to this post later.

Lack of Sleep Induced My Headaches

November 5th, 2008 No comments

Last weekend I experienced 2 days of continuous headaches, it was a mixture of migraines and other headaches. I’ve been reflecting on what I ate and what I did — or didn’t do. I found Three factors that I am certain contributed to my headaches.

First: Lack of Sleep / Bad night of sleep

Second: Diet (ate food out that was not organic, old, salty, possibly has MSG’s & Did not drink enough water).

Third: Lack of physical and spiritual fitness.

Common sense factors, right? Absolutely, I know. But aren’t most things in life common sense and we still miss them? Regardless, we need to find proof via controlled research and experiments before we can call common sense practices ‘proven and tested’.

In this article I will discuss these factors briefly and will make a point to talk a little more about sleep and how it causes headaches.

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