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What Physics and Math Really Are

November 4th, 2010 2 comments

“The missing link in physics is consciousness”

Scientists consider math as the universal language. Should we meet aliens from other galaxies math is expected to be the language we could use. Notice how math is a “language”

mathWe also consider physics to hold “laws” of nature. Yet a universal unifying theory of physics still eludes the greatest minds.

Humans do not use physics to walk, to open a door knob, to run, to use tools.

Cats do not use physics or equations when they sprint or jump on to the counter-top.

Birds do not use physics or equations to fly.

The biological brain or what we call the “mind” in these beings does NOT use equations or math.

I was taught that everything and everyone uses physics, this statement is very misleading. Physics, as in all of Science, simply “explains” or interprets into “laws, observations, words and numbers what nature does.

Physics and math are simply written “languages” that we use to explain “nature” or what we consider “reality”. All living beings seem to function just fine, naturally, organically, without knowing math or physics.



The reason a unifying theory of physics is missing, the reason physics explains many things but not everything, is that physics (and math) are missing something.


Physics and math are missing something that cannot be written, or explained, or translated into a human language, this missing link is “consciousness”.


I remember the first day I was exposed to physics. I was very excited to interpret and understand how things work. However, I soon started to notice a persistent thought, it almost always nagged on me, starting on the first day and onto every physics class I took in high school. Even in college this thought never cased to exist. I found myself often thinking (more accurately feeling), “but this is not right”, “something is wrong about this”, “I know physics is not done this way”. My main feeling was that “it was wrong”. But I could not explain where this feeling came from. I simply assumed that I just needed to learn more advanced physics to get this feeling to go away.

I’ve always had a persistent and intuitive sense that there was a different way to interpret the universe and “nature”

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Have Another Drink. Why?

July 11th, 2010 2 comments

3d human with a red question markI constantly find myself seeing things differently than people I am with. Cultural norms that people accept as divine laws to live by amaze me every single day. I remember asking “but why” as far back as my memory goes. I probably asked “why” as a baby before I could even talk.

I’d see people do a certain thing, say certain things,  or react in certain ways, then I’d ask myself “why”? I asked why because the actions did not seem positive, or seemed lacking in judgment, logic, or respect. Asking “why” meant that something did not make sense to me.

If I verbalized my questions I usually heard unsatisfying answer, most of the time  the answers went like this: “because that is the culture”, or “because it’s in the bible”, or (this may be my favorite one) “because this is what people do”. Some may call you “weird” for questioning “what people do”. Years went by, my questions never got an answer.

Today, I have much more insight into human reasoning and behavior, coupled with love and understanding. Thanks to hypnosis, varied life experiences and guidance, I understand why people do things better.

Understanding something doesn’t mean I agree with it though. It also doesn’t mean I stopped asking “why”. I continue to ask “why” now purely from sheer amazement.

One simple, yet very common example that I came across recently was being at a party, with alcoholic beverages, and seeing a gal tell her friend “have another drink.”  When the friend indicated a “no”, the gal insisted and asked again trying to be more persuasive.

This made me shake my head in disagreement, I probably gave the persons a shocked look as well. I hide my opinions less than I used to do as a kid, some people don’t like that. I don’t care.

Replace the alcoholic beverage seen here with food, fashion, cars, work, computer games, opinions, actions, pretty much anything that a person (a groups, an institution, organization etc) may ask you to do (or think) because they think “it is cool”, or because “it is the way people do things.”

Now, if you take a moment to think about this, you may start notice how common this example is.

If your friend was a true friend, she/he would RESPECT your wishes and opinions. When you say “no” to any idea, a “real friend” would immediately respect your “no”, they will smile and move on to another issue out of sheer respect for you. It’s true that your friend my have the idea that drinking more means “you are having more fun”, she/he may want to see you have more fun based on their understanding of “having fun”, but if you said “no”, for whatever reason then a “no” is a “no”.

You do not need persuasion, you do not need someone to tell you how to have fun. YOU are the one having fun, you decide what fun is to you.

When your gut feeling, desires, or simple leanings go in one direction, if you are happy doing a certain thing, and are then faced with a friend (or anyone for that matter) telling you that this is “not how people have fun”, be bold and say “No.”,

“This is how I have fun.” “This is how I enjoy life”.

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Reading: Relearning to See, Improve Your Eyesight — Naturally!

September 23rd, 2009 No comments

9781556433412After quickly reading Improve Your Vision Without Glasses Or Contact Lenses I quickly got a hold of a book called “Relearning to See: Improve Your Eyesight — Naturally!“. I’ve finished 5 chapters already and am very pleased. The book by Thomas Quackenbush is based on the Bates Method of natural vision improvement. This book does NOT have eye exercises what it has are ‘habits’. Apparently myopic individuals (including myself) strain our eyes with bad habits. I can relate to a lot of what I’ve read so far in this book on how I and people like me see the world around us.

Quackenbush did his homework in putting this book together; there is a lot of information on Bates research and how Bates came to his conclusions on restoring vision naturally. I have the Bates book and read some of it (I’m reading both Bates’ and Quackenbush’s books right now). Quackenbush often quotes Bates, from the Better Eyesight Magazine and the Perfect Sight Without Glasses book. Quackenbush then in his own words clarifies and modernizes Bates words.

The habits in this book were totally new to me, just as was the Bates method. Even though I read the 5 chapters today and last night, I can see how these habits do in fact work. My vision today on the commute to and from work was exceptionally sharper and I feel like I live in a 3D world that feels more 3D than it did before. Amazing.

Placebo effect? I will continue to read the book and do my best to follow the habits. If (or when) I see vision improvement I will let you know.

I hung my Snellen eye chart on the wall today. My vision today with my contact lenses on is 20/20 (wearing -6 contacts). Without contacts it is worse than 20/200.

About My Migraines

June 23rd, 2009 No comments

I’ve talked about migraines here before. Here’s a little about my experience with them. I believe I started to have migraines back in 2006. At first I didn’t know they were migraines, I was confused why I kept getting ill and why I had headaches. Then came the auras which made things clear, yes I had migraines, and not so clear because these auras left me almost blind.

By 2007, I was getting one every week. Initially most occurred on the weekend or early in the week.

They were accompanied by the spots of light that usually grew larger, these are the auras, if you don’t know what they’re called. I simply referred to them as bright light spots, or a single bright light spot, that sometimes had other colors mixed in, sometimes had a blank/dark spot as well. The auras often reminded me of staring straight into a flash light.

They would grow and sometimes cover enough of an area in my field of vision that I had to find a place to sit and wait it out because my vision was impaired t a degree that I couldn’t see and operate (walk, meet people or drive) safely.

Naturally other symptoms showed up. Usually after I saw the auras, and even when the auras were long gone, I would deteriorate in terms of weakness and headache intensity until by night time I find myself throwing up and feeling like I am so sick and weak that I could die.

This all became too common, too frequent. I was ‘falling apart’.

As a result of my migraines, I grew to recognize them in their early stages and to catch these early symptoms and listen to my body and start to take action steps to stop the oncoming migraine in its tracks.

After other health issues ocurred, I made a commitment towards my health, and followed through. This lead to less migrains and to my ability to stop them before they get really bad. Sometimes I forget my commitment, and that’s when I get a migraine.

I guess, now, migraines are my body’s way of reminding me to take care of my mental, emotional and physical wellness and health.

Finding Pleasant Thoughts In Rough Times

April 18th, 2009 4 comments

amusingI found myself at urgent care having trouble breathing last week. After many hours of tests and waiting, I was admitted in at the hospital and diagnosed with Pulmonary Embolism (a blood clot in the lung with a 30% mortality rate). Luckily, the one I had was small in size and I bounced back on my feet quickly.

If you know me you will know that I’ve always believed that everything in life has positive aspects, even seemingly dangerous, unpleasant or unforeseen situations can still offer glimmers of positiveness, sometimes lots of positiveness. Not only that, but that negative events could be turned around and used as opportunities for improvement. Unfortunately, some people take offense when I mention that ‘bad life events‘ can be positive things.

I am about to share with you actual thoughts I had while I was at urgent care and from the time that followed at the hospital. You will soon notice the majority if not all the thoughts were somewhat silly, somewhat childish, but that doesn’t matter because I know that all of them made me smile.

I am often amused easily by nature and seldom by man made things. I believe that anyone can be as amused as me by what nature has to offer, it’s not difficult; it is also possible to amuse at life events just the same. The way I see it, people and life events are parts of nature.

Now let me share with you my thoughts. Some of these thoughts were vocalized as soon as they materialized in my mind resulting is some chuckles, smiles or laughs by people that were there. In general, finding the positiveness in little things made the whole experience of being at the hospital much more pleasant for me and more tolerable for others.

You may want to read the post about my Pulmonary Embolism (here) to get the time line of events. The thoughts below are organized in chronological order.

Feel free to laugh at my easily amused self :)

Why am I sharing theses?

To show you that you can find intriguing, exciting, amusing, beautiful, even amazing and positive aspects to everything and every event, including when you are in pain and at the hospital.

Here goes:

On the CT scan

Thought: Wow, my first CT scan, I wonder how different it is from an MRI.

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What I Learned About Being Happy

April 15th, 2009 8 comments

impmsgWont you say that the pursuit of happiness is one thing that is programed in most of us?  Not counting mentally unstable individuals, its safe to assume that we all want to be happy. The interesting thing though is how little we know about what it takes to be happy or satisfied. We often seek happiness only to create suffering.

I use the words ‘happy’ and ‘satisfied’ interchangeably, the way I see it they are the same. Suffering also needs to be clarified here, suffering encompasses any of these: stress, negative emotions, misery, pain, etc.

Why is the list below so long (80+ topics)? Well, after getting a pulmonary embolism last week, a potentially lethal medical condition, I decided to write down a list of ideas and concepts that are dear to me in one post and to push them out on the Internet. This article is essentially my message to the world; I was planning on writing an article for each of (or a combination of) the topics listed below; as you will notice some article have already been written; however, who knows if I’ll live long enough or if I’ll ever have the time to write articles on all these topics.

The list below is a compilation of things I learned or developed (through thought processes), philosophies, beliefs and ideas that I consider dear to my heart and I do live by.  I do not want to take credit for any of the topics below, these were passed on to me through people, nature and other life events. I only learned them, tried to sincerely live them, and now, wrote them down. I believe that the more of these that you embrace the more satisfied and happy you will become.

Please share your tips for happiness by leaving a comment.

Message to the world, brought to you by Wholeness Blog:

  1. Appreciate and delight in the smallest things and the simplest things.
  2. Plan the future but don’t get obsessed about it. You can plan so much, but when something unplanned happens, then it is what it is, collect yourself and move on.
  3. Many unexpected things may happen, sometimes things are what they are, sometimes they are not. Know which is which.
  4. If you are faced with bad news, a bad reality, you will have to first accept it before you can deal with it. Some people go through denial and other moods, but you cannot move forward until you accept reality.
  5. Take what you have and go along with it. Make the best with what you have.
  6. See the positives and the lessons in everything  you experience.
  7. Don’t see the obstacles and the so called ‘negative’ things, you will only pull yourself away from living a better life.
  8. When you dream or plan, be free, explore all the possibilities, identify your dream as if no restrictions exist at all. Then, add the restrictions, examine which are real and which are self imposed, then create plans.
  9. There is no good or bad. A few things are absolute good or bad, the rest are all in between, they are shades of gray. Even in your life, what you see as bad, may actually be good, your evaluation of something as bad is your own opinion, your own view, and your view is influenced by your mind set. (Read this on the good and bad).
  10. Keep your mind OPEN to seeing the good in everything.
  11. Stop and notice nature, birds, the wind, beaches, rain, smells, grass, dew drops, plant leaves, etc.. and see the beauty and life in them.. See the good in them.
  12. See the good in you, all you’ve done, all you’ve overcome, the past events and challenges you lived through. Appreciate what you’ve managed to do and deal with. See how all these things made you who you are now and how they made you more mature and stronger.
  13. Respect yourself. If you don’t no one will.
  14. Love yourself. If you don’t no one will.
  15. See the good that you have, your healthy blood, brain, eyes, ears, oh so many things that you are fortunate to have.
  16. Demand respect of others, BUT give it back.
  17. Treat others as you wish to be treated.
  18. Make peace not war, in your mind, in your heart, with others, with nature and with everything.
  19. Appreciate what you got. Do not take anything for granted. We got countless of things that should not be taken fro granted, for instance: Your house, the roads, the water, sewers, the food, the highway system, having fuel, electricity, the sun, the clean air, the money you have, your job, pets, rain, the night sky, green plants, fruits and on top of them all your health.
  20. Remember, so many people are not as blessed as you are.
  21. Read more…

Good? Bad? Horrible? Really???

April 14th, 2009 4 comments

I always try to see the positive side of things; it’s a habit of mine. I always tell people that there is ‘A’ positive in every thing, even in the seemingly negative. Pick any event in life and I can argue that it was neither good nor bad, and that it has positive aspects. Some people get offended when I say this; I am not trying to offend you here, but if you are, please keep on reading and let me know if you still feel the same when you’re done.

I often tell people there is something to learn and a chance to grow in every life event even horrible events. Now I am getting the chance to live what I preach in more serious ways than I had expected to. What you might find weird is that I find myself excited about this opportunity, to live what I preach, to see how I will react, how well I will utilize this opportunity to improve my life and to hopefully be an example to the few of you who don’t agree with me.

The badness of bad things, the goodness of good things, and the goodness of bad things, your memories of them and your future, all, depend on your view (attitude and mind set).

In a previous post titled ‘I Could Have Died’ (click here to read it), I explained a recent health situation I had to deal with. I was diagnosed with a blood clot in the lung; things could have ended much worse than they did. I walked away from this alive and (lightly) kicking, with a lot of positive emotions.

I write this at the risk of shocking some, but the truth is I don’t think of this recent situation as a ‘bad’ event, because I know how lucky I was, I could have died and I didn’t, and that’s lucky. I am not labeling it as a ‘good’ event either, whether it is good or bad is something for history to judge based on the outcome, by how my present and future are shaped or changed. What this event really was, is an ‘opportunity’.

There were many elements that made up this event, some more positive than others, some were arguably negative. This does not make the health scare (i.e event) negative or bad.

See, when a person labels something as ‘bad’, so many ‘negative’ things (emotions, memories and future events) are bound to be influenced and changed.  Bad and good are nothing but labels that we apply to otherwise, well, label-free, not good nor bad, events.

This reminds me of what Jesus once said. In Matthew 7:16-17 He said “You will know them by their fruits.” Just as Jesus asked men to judge other men according to their fruits (actions and outcomes) I ask that you judge your events by their fruits.

One should not label an event, but rather judge their outcomes. Outcomes happen in the future; thus one must only judge an event in the future to have an honest judgment otherwise she would be predicting, not judging. As we all know, most predictions are self-fulfilling.

Labeling an event before waiting to see the outcome is pre-judging, it predetermines to a degree the outcome. Thus, if you judge an event as bad, you are actually making it produce bad outcomes.

Since I don’t want to pre-judge this event by labeling it, how then would I describe the event? Let’s look at the facts:

  • It was unforeseen.
  • It was concerning, sometimes scary.
  • It was challenging.
  • It was a serious medical event.
  • It was not as bad as it could have been.
  • It is inconvenient.

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Why Do We Yawn? Why Is Yawning Contagious?

March 27th, 2009 3 comments

We think of boredom or being tired as the reason for yawning, but is that the real reason?

I know that yawning makes you draw in breath, filling your lungs with air; this increases the oxygen supply to the blood.

But is raising the oxygen levels in the blood the reason why we yawn? and why is yawning contagious?

Do you ever find yourself yawning,then turn your head around only to find another person yawning?  even when this person has not seen or heard you yawn, and when you also have not seen this person yawn?  As if you both started to yawn almost at the same time without seeing,  hearing or knowing of each other?

Let me know please.

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The Secret To Getting Rich

March 2nd, 2009 1 comment

While in college I started to get obsessed about becoming rich. Being me, I started to research the topic. I was told to find how the rich became rich and to learn from them, so I did that and met with a bank owner and a wealthy local real estate owner in the town I lived in; I asked them how they made it and took notes diligently.

I still have these notes. Today I dug out a good-sized pile of printouts and notes, the cream of my research into becoming rich. I had spent years researching and accumulating these notes. I heard all sorts of advice, I read all sorts of books and articles. Some of the advice was really useful and it works as general life advice.

As I write this, the pile sits on the floor next to me. My pile of papers includes articles titled ‘The top givers’, ‘The 50 most generous philanthropists’, some were printouts of Forbes 400 profiles, articles on strategies to get rich, incorporating, budgeting, investing, stocks, home ownership, real estate investing, credit card terms, personal finance education, protecting my identity, credit reports, credit score info, 401k articles, being self employed etc.

The pile includes many pages of notes I wrote summarizing a couple books written by a couple famous real estate investing authors (I am withholding their names because they don’t deserve free publicity). My notes also include research on renting homes, being a landlord, inspecting homes, purchasing houses along with city research.

As a result of my interest I ended starting a small business, I also purchased a home that I rented out partially. Successively I started another business and researched multiple small business ideas. Some of these businesses involved selling electronics and selling dietary supplements. I eventually learned that you must enter into a business solely to want make money, you need to actually like the field. Do not start a business selling electronics if you yourself do not like electronics, if you do you will be frustrated quickly even if you are making a profit. Your business must align with your values and philosophy on life. First you must have a passion, a calling, and then comes the income. First, you must know your passions.

To say the least, I traversed a road in life that included a lot of learning, but it all seemed to lead me to now. A lot has changed in the last year, for the better.

Now I find myself seeking things other than seeking being rich. In fact, I don’t care about being rich. Don’t miss interpret this; I still want to own a business, I do want to make money of the ads I place in this blog, I do want to make a difference in this world, and I do need to make a living, etc..

But I am doing (and will continue to do) all that in a very different mindset than the one I had when I accumulated that pile of papers, I feel a need to seek wholeness, not to seek money.

I just threw that pile into recycling, poof it’s gone.

Seeking wholeness has been far more enriching than seeking money.

Further, I beleive that if I seek wholeness and my true passions, that I will be happier and more fullfilled, financial success should follow, if it doesn’t it wont be the end of the world. It is the journey that counts, not the destination.

Let me hear from you, leave a comment.

Conclusion On The Tingling, GooseBumps, Goose Bumpy, Static Electric Sensation

February 14th, 2009 20 comments

Have you ever wondered what that interesting tingling, goosebumps, goose bumpy, static electric, flowing energy, electrical sensation you felt within you or on your skin was?

You may have noticed this sensation while meditating, praying, doing guided imagery, relaxing, listening to music, when enjoying nature or when you stand in the wind or the sun.

I asked myself what this sensation was, could it be the life force, the Chi, or a healing energy? Luckily, I posted a blog article with exactly this question entitled “Tingling Goosebumps Equals Life Energy” (click here to read it)Posted in September 22, 2008

That blog article got a stronger response than I had anticipated, responses came from a diverse set of people mostly united by experiencing this sensation. Many shared their stories in comments others emailed me directly. I also went off and started asking people I knew especially ones that were spiritual.

I have compiled all the answers I received and below you will see a list of what most people gave as an explanation. They overlap:

  1. Sensing an entity / presence in the vicinity / spirits
  2. The ability to sense Life Force in you
  3. The ability to sense / channel Life Force energies around you
  4. Flushing / in ancient times, they called this an annointment (Saint Teresa of Avila wrote about it in her memoirs) / releasing debris
  5. Cleansing of your chakras
  6. Indicating the beginnings of a Kundalini awakening

What it is not:

  1. It is nothing to be afraid of.
  2. I asked my doctor, he said its not neuroplogical (unless it is uncontrollable, continuous and very obvious)
  3. Not Anoxia

Keep meditating. Keep experiencing this sensation. If the effects are positive, then continue to seek them.

Personal Experience:

Since the last article on this topic, I have noticed considerable warmth that accompanies this sensation when I mediated, in the stomach and chest. The sensation starts in the head, but sometimes it seems to start in the upper back, sometimes in the lower back. Every time, it spreads all over down to my toes and to the neck and head.

Leave a comment below or join the discussion here where people are also sharing their experience with this sensation:

Previous articles on this topic: Read more…

The ONLY Water You Should Drink

January 28th, 2009 No comments

I have been researching clean drinking water; after a number of months of research, I am convinced the only water anyone should drink is distilled water. I am looking at building my own water steam distiller, since I rather not buy one for $100 + My distiller will run on ‘any’ heat source, which may come in handy when camping (or when there is no electricity).. I discuss these here:

Checkout this discussion: Is There Any Good Water To Drink Out There??

Find out how to buy or build a distiller and share your ideas here: Water Distillation at Home

I will soon share my design and resutls.

Experiment: I Will Take Vitamin B3 (AKA Nicotinamide or Niacinamide ) To Improve Memory

December 24th, 2008 No comments

Based on recent findings mentioned in this article, I would like to start taking B3 (Nicotinamide, also known as niacinamide and nicotinic acid amide) and see if it improves my memory. I bought the vitamin, I believe the needed dosage is 1000mg a day, I read this could harm the liver so I’d doing more research. I also need to do 1 memory test before and 1 after. How long should I take the vitamin for?

I’m writing this here to bounce this idea off you, any suggestions you wanna share?

This is not an exact scientific study, I don’t have a clone of me that can take a placebo, etc.. I’m only hoping to get an improvement on memory.

I will post back here with more research info and an update on my little experiment.

Nickel-Titanium File Tip Broke Off Inside A Canal During My Root Canal Procedure!

November 27th, 2008 No comments

Dental health has a great impact on a person’s overall wellness. Many negative health effects have been linked to bad oral health. For instance, gum disease (an inflammation of the gums) could spread infection to the bone supporting the teeth and from there to the blood stream. Further, gum disease has been linked to cardiovascular disease and arthritis.

Plaque (a sticky colorless film of bacteria that constantly builds up then thickens and hardens on the teeth) hardens into tartar and contributes to infections in the gums. Constant brushing, flossing and oral hygiene practices are needed to fight plaque.

There’s a lot to say about oral hygiene and oral health. But this article is about one particular concern of mine, primarily root canals. I recently had to have a root canal procedure done; it was not as bad as I expected it to be, but while going through having a root canal I came across some pieces of information that I would like to share with you here, perhaps I could provide some answers to a few of your concerns. Perhaps I could put your mind at ease, or maybe scare you more. I will discuss the fracture of rotary nickel-titanium endodontic instruments inside of your teeth canals.

Read more…

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Lack of Sleep Induced My Headaches

November 5th, 2008 No comments

Last weekend I experienced 2 days of continuous headaches, it was a mixture of migraines and other headaches. I’ve been reflecting on what I ate and what I did — or didn’t do. I found Three factors that I am certain contributed to my headaches.

First: Lack of Sleep / Bad night of sleep

Second: Diet (ate food out that was not organic, old, salty, possibly has MSG’s & Did not drink enough water).

Third: Lack of physical and spiritual fitness.

Common sense factors, right? Absolutely, I know. But aren’t most things in life common sense and we still miss them? Regardless, we need to find proof via controlled research and experiments before we can call common sense practices ‘proven and tested’.

In this article I will discuss these factors briefly and will make a point to talk a little more about sleep and how it causes headaches.

Read more…

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Responding To Comments On The Manifestation Of Life Energy

November 3rd, 2008 No comments

One of my readers left a few comments on 10/28/2008 and reported to me his experiences.. I pasted the main points below in order to respond to them.

I have nobody else in the world that understands that sensation. It is like what you described, except mine is rather different than yours.

The sensation would be felt from the head till foot, sometimes foot to head going up, sometimes from shoulder down. Sometimes when i’m reading something, i could feel it on my right wrist. The materials read, only you would know from my earlier contact message.
This electrical sensation differs from another form of energy i feel – heat that seeps in slowly into the body.

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Happy Halloween

October 31st, 2008 No comments

Happy Halloween to all!

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday. On a day like this it is worth appreciating what you have, the life you live now, and the people you know. At the same time it is worth remembering those who’ve passed away.

Honor them now by remembering them and send them good wishes. On a day like this it is worth remembering that you will also die some day, embrace this fact and do not fear. If you don’t know what death is then embrace not knowing and accept it as it is, it is a natural part of living. If you beleive in the after life or reincarnation then you know that death is just a part of a much larger journey.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Here’s a little history on Halloween courtesy to Wikipedia:

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I’m Listening to Mindfulness for Beginners

October 31st, 2008 No comments

I’m listening right now to “Mindfulness for Beginners by Jon Kabat-Zinn” I’m on the first CD. I’m very impressed. I will write back when I’m done listening. I also have a lot of commentary on the ideas in these CDs.

Have you listened to this CD?

My Mercury Amalgam Is Gone

October 29th, 2008 3 comments

I went to the dentist this morning and he took out the amalgam. This silvery amalgam was more than 12 yrs old, and broke in half a few months ago.

Amalgam Silver Filling

It’s a relief to have this tooth repaired and the toxic amalgam gone. I don’t have any mercury in my mouth now. I wonder if I will see any notable improvements that can be attributed to this; I doubt it because there are many factors that effect my health.

This was just a quick personal blog article, not much useful info here. Many future articles will include research, instructions, inspirations and real useful stuff, unlike this one :) sometimes I just like to share personal events like this .

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Dentistry Without Mercury

October 27th, 2008 No comments

I visited my holistic dentist last week in order to get some x-rays taken and ask about removing an older amalgam; while I was there I was given a book titled “Dentistry Without Mercury” by Sam Ziff and Michael Ziff.

I have not read this small book yet but intend to in the future. I also have a lot of research done on the effects of mercury and why mercury amalgam are bad for you and should be taken out ASAP. It is unbelievable how many of us have toxic amalgams in our mouths.

The Dentist will remove my amalgam and use something else. They also found another area that needs work, a pretty large (in my opinion) decay in one tooth. It is funny how I had jaw pains but did not attribute that to my teeth needing work; I just ignored and never was ‘aware’ of my mouth and teeth even when there was pain. I plan on being more aware of my body including my teeth. Stay tuned, there’s more to come on this.

Here’s this book on amazon:

Reduce Your Stress & Look More Beautiful!

October 26th, 2008 No comments

I recently visited an aunt that I haven’t seen in a couple months, and she made the comment that I looked relaxed and more attractive. No I am not selling myself or bragging here, seriously. The point I’m making is that she, without knowing of my recent lifestyle changes, saw a difference by looking at my face. The way I felt emotionally and physically must have influenced my facial features.

Personally I did not notice the difference, but others have and they’ve pointed it out to me by either saying that I looked more attractive or more relaxed, and that they like it better this way.

I guess, experiencing meditation, mindful meditation, guided imagery, breathing exercises, experiencing life force, or whatever you do to relax, reduce stress in your life or be healthier does have an impact on you face (and on your soul, behavior and body’s posture). It makes you look more attractive!

It does make sense, doesn’t it? Your face will reflect your body or emotional status. In addition, having your body under stress and your facial muscles under constant tension will show on your eyes, mouth, forehead.. It also make sense that all this causes wrinkles.

Have you had a similar experience??

If you have please leave a comment to let me and other know.


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Why Study Holistic Health in Grad School?

October 23rd, 2008 5 comments

You may wonder why I want to bother spending time and effort going to grad school. I can probably become an I.T. project manager without doing that and make a good living, after all in I.T. experience and communication skills matter more than education. I can obtain needed certifications to advance my I.T. career, so why spend the time and money to study something in a new field?

You also may suggest that I obtain certifications in holistic areas, learn acupuncture or massage; after all these will give me the knowledge I seek and allow me to help people much quicker than a graduate school program would while saving me a lot of time and money.

In this article I respond to these suggestions and tell you why I am looking for a grad school program even though my interest revolves around complementary and alternative mind, body health practices.

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Don’t Buy What They Are Selling [ Water ]

October 8th, 2008 No comments

I just landed myself in a comfortable chair at a local coffee shop…

Just before I start sipping my hot dark roast black coffee I’d like to share a reflection with you.

On my way to the coffee shop I stopped by a coop and filled my 1gallon jug with water for 45 cents only.

At the coffee shop where I’m sitting now, they charge $1.45 for a 20 oz bottle of (tap) water. 20 oz is 1/6 a gallon. Six bottles of water would make a gallon, would cost me $8.70; this is 19 times the price of the coop water.

Buying this bottle of water is bad for four reasons:

  • It is tap water
  • It is in a plastic bottle
  • It’s expensive
  • It will lead to 1 plastic bottle in trash / or recycled

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My Third Meeting with the Therapist

October 5th, 2008 1 comment

Last week I went for my 3rd appointment with the physical therapist. This was a shorter one that I squeezed in during my lunch break. There is progress on my headache and upper back pains situation. The headaches are almost completely gone, certainly manageable, and not debilitating any more.

I found that staying hydrated goes a long ways to preventing headaches, especially when coupled with breathing exercises during the day while I’m at work.

The therapist noted some improvement on the muscle tension and misalignment in the upper back.

I had not done any physical exercises since the last session.. I did the breathing exercises and meditation but not the physical ones, so I didn’t expect much change. I need to do the gravity exercises especially since I didn’t get to do any since last week partially due to this blog and my research into wholeness. However, ultimately (no matter how busy one is) there is no such thing as lack of time there’s only lack of discipline and organization.

learned a couple more excersises , unfortunatly i didnt write the name down. I’ll find out more on them and write about them in future articles.

We talked about Craniosacral Therapy, bio rhythm, bio energtic rhythm, 4 levels, spinal fluid, etc.. I will discuss this in more detail in future articles.

The therapist mentioned that he followed a weight loss program that utilized mindbody, midfullness and visualization a long time ago that worked very well, this is how he got interested in holistic medicine. I will write more about these holistic mind,body,spirit weight loss programs in future articles.

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Blood Test Results – Sept 2008

September 28th, 2008 No comments

I had mentioned that my doctor ran a (number of) blood tests after my first visit to the hospital complaining about the back & neck pains and constant headaches and fatigue, basically I was falling apart and becoming dysfunctional.

In this article I will discuss the blood results quickly moving on to make a pledge online to become more disciplined. I close with something my mom and grandmother always said to me.

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Controlling the Movement of PEC and the Sternum

September 27th, 2008 No comments

It is possible through breathing exercises and awareness to control the respiratory pattern of the PEC muscle.

Most people breath too quickly and not deeply enough, others who breath deep into the abdomen are not getting enough air to the upper lungs. I’m the later. At my last physical therapy meetings, the physical therapist said I should breath to the sides of my lungs instead of breathing deep into my abdomen.

With a little concentration it is possible to fill your lungs, feel the sides expand outwards, while not pushing the sternum outwards as the lungs fill.

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My Second Meeting with the Therapist

September 25th, 2008 No comments

As explained in a previous post, my first meeting with the physical therapist inspired me and re-ignited the interest I’ve always had in the mind, body and soul connection. Based on this interest I decided to start this blog in order to share with you my notes, research and experiences. I then shared with you the lovely and familiar sensation (i.e. life force) that I experienced while practicing guided imagery with the aid of an audio CD called Relaxation & Wellness by Belleruth Naparstek last week.

Today, I had my second meeting with the physical therapist. I left the meeting with an arsenal of new techniques and lots of useful information that I will share with you in future blog articles.

Below is a summary of topics that were brought up at the meeting today, some topics were brought up by me, others by the therapist probably because of my interest in learning about body, mind and soul. The list below along with these topics give you an idea about what topics you should expect to find in this blog.

The List:

  1. Being Aware of Emotions & Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
  2. Separating the mind from the body while meditating vs. conscious meditation
  3. Meditating to be fully present in the body – enlightenment comes through the feet
  4. The mind and body cannot be separated, we need to exercise both (physical and mental exercise) to get rid of headaches
  5. Controlling the respiratory pattern of the PEC muscle
  6. Applied kinesiology
  7. Energy Medicine Psychology
  8. Body Polarity
  9. Tapping Treatment
  10. Limbic System
  11. Disturbing Dreams / Nightmares
  12. Do dreams reflect my daytime thoughts or my subconscious mind?
  13. Does the subconscious communicate via words and language or via imagery / symbols?
  14. Lucid Dreaming
  15. Guided Imagery to Reduce Headaches
  16. Dealing with too much back muscle use
  17. Gravitational Training:
    • Sitting and Standing gravitational training – Relaxing the spine
    • Sub-Occipital Muscle Release and Cranial Relaxation (using 2 tennis balls in a sock)
    • Active Thoraco Dorosal Inhilation
    • Inverted Lake Posture

Stay tuned for more!

What Makes My Drinking Water Safe

September 24th, 2008 No comments

What's in our tap water?

I started to drink distilled water about a year ago, in this article I will discuss why I made the (partial) switch to distilled water. I also will explain why I think that tap water is not – and should not be – good for drinking.

It all started years ago with a simple logical thought process, let’s say I had an inkling that tap water was not good for drinking. I thought about the amount of piping that your typical house water goes through before it gets to your mouth, tens of feet of copper piping not to mention the water softener, and the city pipes outside of your house.

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Tingling Goosebumps Equals Life Energy

September 22nd, 2008 105 comments

What is that tingling, electric, goosebumps-y sensation that some experience?

In this blog entry I talk about my experience with this sensation. This is not a new sensation but I recently experienced it in abundance.

Throughout my life I had felt tingling waves that went inside of my body and spread on the surface of my skin while meditating or praying, especially when in deep relaxation or concentration. When this sensation is on the surface it is accompanied by goose bumps that swarm the skin and traverse the body in waves. When inside the body, this sensation is like a cloud of charged tingling particles. I found it possible to direct this cloud of sensation with concentration. Does this sound familiar?

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Falling Apart

September 22nd, 2008 No comments

As I mentioned earlier, I visited the Dr’s office last week. This came after I was advised to do so, and after I was told that I was “falling apart”. I was falling apart physically, and it could not have been more obvious. I knew it but I was living in denial.

I’ve had constant migraine headaches for over a year, neck and upper back muscle spasms, frequent fatigue, and a downwards trend in my general health. Life has handed me quite a few stresses (for someone at my age) that I won’t delve into here. These stresses were compounded by my workaholic behavior and my personal negligence of my health. I blatantly pushed myself harder and harder, never running out of energy, never taking care of the vehicle I exist in, that is my body.

Every machine needs maintenance, from cars to computers. At the most basic level my body is an intricate machine, a machine that humanity doesn’t fully understand yet.

Luckily, I know that our bodies have the ability and flexibility to repair themselves, if we take the needed corrective actions.

The doctor ordered some blood tests, I then had an EKG done and my heart was given a clean bill of health. I was referred to a physical therapist. I had a very informative, eye opening, discussion with the physical therapist; I was pleased to find about the holistic approach that the physical therapy clinic adopted. I was unaccustomed to hearing about ‘mind and body’ and the ‘power of the mind over the body’ from a medical establishment. It turns out that western medicine is finally embracing the holistic medicine approach. This was a pleasant surprise.

An Old Flame of Intrigue:

This discussion did more than give me pointers and an outline of my future therapy sessions, it strengthened a flame of intrigue within me that had dimmed (but never extinguished) over the past ten years or so. Fast forward a few days to this moment, and now is a reality. In this blog, I plan on sharing with you what this flame brings to light (excuse the pun), and the progress of my physical therapy, all the corrective actions, and the outcome. This blog exists for me to share with you what I know about wholeness, and about physical, mental, cognitive, subconscious, and spiritual wellness.

Like I mentioned I’ve always had an interest in the above, ever since I was a child; this interest is that flame that is getting brighter now. This blog will help me find the discipline to pursue this interest and share it with you.

Migraines and Neck Pain:

The physical therapist explained that my neck and upper back muscle pains were in fact a side-effect (the result) of my migraines. Contrary to my -and common- belief, my headaches were not the result of my stiff neck, it was the other way around.

It follows that treating the muscles in my neck may provide temporary relief, but as long as I have these migraines I will continue to feel these nagging back muscle pains.

In future blog entires I will discuss what I’m learning from the physical therapy sessions along with my own experiences.

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About This Website

September 21st, 2008 1 comment

This blog is a personal blog where I will share with you and the world my life’s journey — in regards to spirituality, science and wellness in what have become a seeking of wholeness.

This blog is where we will venture into health, wellness and spirituality, as well as psychology, philosophy, physics, science, culture, wisdom and thought. Including the mind, body and soul, past, present and future, in a non-religious attempt to seeking our wholeness.

I write this first entry today at 29 years of age. Some of you may consider this a disadvantage. Let me assure you, I am committed to continue researching wholeness, I take this blog seriously and you have to know that I am a serious and dedicated person.

I am humbled at this opportunity to share my findings and thoughts with you. I hope that you benefit from reading this blog as much as I will from writing these blog entries.

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