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What Physics and Math Really Are

November 4th, 2010 2 comments

“The missing link in physics is consciousness”

Scientists consider math as the universal language. Should we meet aliens from other galaxies math is expected to be the language we could use. Notice how math is a “language”

mathWe also consider physics to hold “laws” of nature. Yet a universal unifying theory of physics still eludes the greatest minds.

Humans do not use physics to walk, to open a door knob, to run, to use tools.

Cats do not use physics or equations when they sprint or jump on to the counter-top.

Birds do not use physics or equations to fly.

The biological brain or what we call the “mind” in these beings does NOT use equations or math.

I was taught that everything and everyone uses physics, this statement is very misleading. Physics, as in all of Science, simply “explains” or interprets into “laws, observations, words and numbers what nature does.

Physics and math are simply written “languages” that we use to explain “nature” or what we consider “reality”. All living beings seem to function just fine, naturally, organically, without knowing math or physics.



The reason a unifying theory of physics is missing, the reason physics explains many things but not everything, is that physics (and math) are missing something.


Physics and math are missing something that cannot be written, or explained, or translated into a human language, this missing link is “consciousness”.


I remember the first day I was exposed to physics. I was very excited to interpret and understand how things work. However, I soon started to notice a persistent thought, it almost always nagged on me, starting on the first day and onto every physics class I took in high school. Even in college this thought never cased to exist. I found myself often thinking (more accurately feeling), “but this is not right”, “something is wrong about this”, “I know physics is not done this way”. My main feeling was that “it was wrong”. But I could not explain where this feeling came from. I simply assumed that I just needed to learn more advanced physics to get this feeling to go away.

I’ve always had a persistent and intuitive sense that there was a different way to interpret the universe and “nature”

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Are QiGong Master Jo’s (Zhou) Qi Powers For Real?

May 20th, 2010 No comments

Today’s article is actually (a re-post of) a comment that I wrote in response to an article with a Riply’s video from youtube titled “Qigong Master Jo (Zhou) Boils Water With Qi/Chi From His Hands” showing Master Zhou bringing water to a boiling temperature using Qi energy. Find the article and video here.

The following is what I am taking away from reading the string of comments posted by Advisor Matt:

We have two opinions, one is that Master Zhou is authentic the other is that he is using a trick to generate heat (some called hims a fraud).


The following was offered as an explanation to how the heat-generating trick worked:

“.. Aluminum foil from a cigarette pack, wets is with some Hg2Cl2?
“.. towel had been soaked in the bichloride of mercury solution, then dried; once it has been rehydrated, and the aluminum foil added, the reaction takes place”

and from Eric Zammitt (comment 20) we read

“.. water that he used on the foil and touched it to my tongue. It burned!” The water had a chemical taste. He suggests that a chemical compound was used when he said “Sodium Hydroxide, NaOH, commonly known as Lye, reacts with aluminum and generates great heat”


Many wrote positive comments. From reading the comments, it seems people have met him in person and did not see any evidence of a trick.

Commenter Cyre (comment 24) said “i dipped my fingers in the cup of fluid, smelled it, and even tasted it. As far as my perception stood. It was regular water,” Yet, Mr. Zammitt said these people must have missed the evidence.

Comment 52 says “Master Zhou is for real. The person who claims that he found caustic liquid is lying… I knew Master Zhou for several years and not only received treatments from him but also studied with him. He is an amazing healer and a generous person who teaches everything he knows.”

Comment 53 is from another student that studied with master Zhou and it testifies that Master Zhou is for real. I suggest you read it.

The video does mention that Ripleys provided all materials and they were later tested for chemicals.

It is worth mentioning that none of the comments I saw was against the effectiveness of QiGong with the exception to the mention of “Subliminal Distraction exposure” and how SD “caused mental breaks” leading practitioners especially in group practice to believe in the presence of “superhuman strength”, the comment goes on to mention this can be seen in QiGong or Kundalini Yoga. At this time, I don’t know much about “Subliminal Distraction”, I simply am rephrasing what the comment said.

Both “for” and “against” comments to the authenticity of Master Zhou or the use of chemicals cannot be proven nor discounted by myself. I only have these written words to go by.

I suppose, I’d have to visit with Master Zhou myself and bring my own materials and taste the water. Even better, I can ask him to generate heat without the aluminum foil, water or the towels.

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The Best Documentary On Crop Circles – Watch It Now For Free

May 10th, 2010 No comments

A friend told me about a documentary on crop circles. I watched it today and in my opinion, this is the best documentary on youtube discussing the crop circles phenomena!

I highly recommend you watch it, whether you think crop circles are nothing but man-made art work, or if you think UFO’s are making this art, this documentary will have something to offer you.

It discusses causes, physics, research results, possible interpretations, eye witness testimonies, video footage and considers if  crop circles are as natural as a flower or a sea shell or if they are supernatural messages from another dimension,  and much much more.

Here’s the youtube video description:

Where does this mysterious crop circle phenomena come from? Is it done by man as a joke? So why do people have extraordinary experiences then? Flying ball of lights were seen in and around crop circles. Or is it an alien intelligence which try to communicate with us? The geometry which can be found in crop circles, include a lot of mathematics which can be also found in nature.

Our new documentary “New swirled order” deals with these questions and present some very extraordinary Crop circle formations in 2008, like the “Pi”-formation in Barbury Castle or the Crop Circle near Avebury Manor, which showed our solar system with the planetary constellation of December 21 of 2012.

You can Buy the movie at

Qigong Master Jo (Zhou) Boils Water With Qi/Chi From His Hands

April 28th, 2010 6 comments

This is not an urban myth or an X-files episode. Qigong Master Jo (Zhou) lives today and he continues to boil water with hands, even an infrared camera captured the heat produced from his hands. Abilities like these are found within the practice of QiGong. They are not paranormal, only normal. To the practitioner, these abilities are very normal (not paranormal) and they follow the Chinese science of harnessing the power of Qi from themselves or the universe.

Before coming to the United States, Master Zhou traveled throughout mainland China teaching Qi Gong, treating patients, and demonstrating his unusual skills in the martial arts. His reputation finally spread to all parts of the country. Highly respected and honored in China, Master Zhou has been called a Treasure of the Nation.

Master Zhou practices in LA, California at ‘Full Spectrum Coaching’. Here’s a link to their website:

Caption about Master Zhou from the website above (

Qi Gong master, Zhou Ting-Jue was born in 1934 in China. At the age of seven, he began learning martial arts and traditional Chinese medical theory under the guidance of his uncle, a Taoist priest. He often secluded himself at Wu Dang Mountain, in the temple of his uncle’s sect, for advanced studies. There, he cultivated the discipline of Qi Gong and developed a growing understanding of the true meaning and potentials of Qi and its relationship to life and the universe. His mentors included many famous Chinese Qi Gong masters, who passed on to him their personal knowledge about the mysterious power of Qi Gong.

After studying the knowledge that was presented by each of his master-teachers, Master Zhou created his own school of Qi Gong. His unique skills and techniques have contributed to and broadened the scope of traditional Qi Gong. These abilities form the basis of the care he provides and the amazing effect it has in promoting health and curing disease.

Before coming to the United States, Master Zhou traveled throughout mainland China teaching Qi Gong, treating patients, and demonstrating his unusual skills in the martial arts. His reputation finally spread to all parts of the country. Highly respected and honored in China, Master Zhou has been called a “Treasure of the Nation.”

In 1991, Master Zhou was invited to the “International Southern California Hai Hua Cup Martial Arts Tournament” as a competitor, where, at 60 years of age, he won the championship two consecutive years. Subsequently, the tournament committee, recognizing his expertise, appointed him as a consultant and judge.

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Dude Gathering the Chi – Super-Natural or Simply Natural?

April 27th, 2010 No comments

I am not saying this is real. I wasn’t there to witness this. Assuming this footage is authentic and real with no tricks, you may think science cant prove this phenomena, or that this simply doesn’t fit and shouldn’t work according to our current knowledge of physics.

Please remember that science’s duty is to observe nature then try to explain it and create what we call laws of nature that can be used to increase knowledge of other natural systems or to produce useful technology. Now, when nature does not fit into the natural ‘laws’, what should be done? Certainly not ignoring nature as nature is the teacher, we try to interpret it.

Our natural laws are in reality human laws, not natural laws. Our human-made laws are what we think nature’s laws are. However, when nature does not follow, then we must re-examine our laws (i.e. interpretation of nature). Bending nature to fit into our laws is simply ignorant.

If one is to have a pure pursuit of true natural laws one should observe nature and get rid of one’s egos. You must approach nature with an open mind.

Your thoughts are filtered by your beliefs. Change your definitions that create your beliefs and anything is possible.
What is para-normal to some is “normal” to others.

Video: Gathering the Chi
The youtube video below shows smoke rises from this Chinese medical practitioner’s fingers as he gathers the energy or “qi” to help cure a patient. Later he creates heat over dry newspapers which smolder as he concentrates his energy to show how refined chi can be powerful.

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Institute of Biosensory Psychology In Russai Teaching Telekinesis

April 26th, 2010 No comments

An educational organization known as Institute of Biosensory Psychology is teaching telekinesis in St. Petersburg, Russia.
This is their official website there is an English section, and they have another website as well:

The founder and president of the Institute is Vladimir Tonkov

One of the videos refer to the phenomena as “teleportation” but I think they meant “telekinesis”

Neikung Power, QiGong Power, BioElectricity, Kinesis, John Chang, Qi/Chee Power Videos

April 25th, 2010 1 comment

If you searched the words QiGong or Neikung on youtube you will come across 4 videos of a Master / Sufi referred to as John Chang. He seems to be able to generate some sort of electrical energy from within his body’s Chee/Qi or life force and the use of Yin and Yang. He can use this energy to do acupuncture and also to set fires in paper and push a chopstick through a wooden table or chair.

He mentioned meditation, the use of Yin/Yang, some of the comments mentioned Neikung, NaiGong, QiGong, Shai Tsu, electrokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Tai Chi, Mo Pai.. There are many videos on youtube, each has many comments. If you have time you may enjoy reading them.. or it may be a total waste of time.

All the videos and text found below are from youtube. I don’t know if the 4 videos refer to the same guy (they claim to) and what I know is limited to what is seen below so please don’t ask me for info about this guy, I really don’t know much about him; I wish I did though. If you know something about John Chang please post a comment to share it with the world. Enjoy!

Video 1 – New John Chang video
Lawrence Blair returns to the legendary Magus of Java to shoot even more mind blowing footage.

video 2 – John Changs 1st Westerner student
It was just last year I found this person. He is the first Westerner to ever be admitted into the ancient school of Mo Pai. About four or five other Westerners have become students, but all have failed for one reason or another. There has never been another Westerner to have ever reached the 3rd level.
This person is currently in training to go on to the 4th level of nai gong which is different from chi gong, despite what other alleged, pseudo anthorities say.
The short segment is his testing for the 3rd level when he passed in 2000.
Notice that the boxes are against a wall, and they fall forward and not backward as if there was something blowing them backward from the front. There are two methods of either pulling them forward or pushing them backward. The distance between his hand and the boxes is over 9 feet; a tape measure is seen on the floor.
As you can see in the video, along with the Wester student is the world famous master/teacher, John Chang and his son.

video 3 – John Chang chopstick demonstration

Those who have read Kosta’s book The Magus of Java know that at some point John Chang picked up a chopstick, transferred his qi into it and pushed it with but little effort through thick wood. In this video he performs this demo. Credit goes to serialjunkie for this video.

video 4 – John Chang歌唱表演指導 02

John Chang is practicing something called tele-emphaty.He can ‘feel’ the emotion from another? person, and then send it back to them. In this case, he multiplying it back to the girl, according to the emotion the girl has, based on the memory of that song she sing.

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The Definition of Telekinesis, Psychokinesis, Pyrokinesis and More Psychic Kinesis Phenomena

April 22nd, 2010 No comments

kinesisThere are many kinds of kinesis that are considered paranormal or psychic. The word Kinesis is defined as:

a movement that is a response to a stimulus but is not oriented with respect to the source of stimulation


Movement or activity of an organism in response to a stimulus such as light.


These are the most commonly mentioned forms of Psychic Kinesis:

Aerokinesis is The ability to control and create air currents.

Atmokinesis is The ability to control pressure changes and the weather.

Atmoskinesis is The ability to control and create all four elements. (Earth, Air, Fire and Water).

Audiokinesis is the ability to control and create sound waves.cryokinesis: The psychic ability to control and create ice and cold temperatures

Dynamokinesis is The ability to control and create all four forces. (Electromagnetic, Strong and Weak Nuclear Forces and Gravity).

Electrokinesis is The ability to control and create electrical fields.
Electrical Psychokinesis (EPK):the ability to manipulate electrical objects. Where street lights, [electrical] clocks, computers, and any /or all electrical appliances are affected; usually negatively.

Hyalokinesis is The ability to control and create glass.

Hydrokinesis is The ability to control and create water.

Lygokinesis is The ability to control raw psionic energy. (Psi Balls/Psi Shields)

Magnokinesis is The ability to control metal and create magnetic fields.

Parakinesis is the ability to locally neutralize inertia, thus enabling a very small amount of force to produce a disproportionate amount of movement in an object.

Peptokinesis is The ability to change the PH of any liquid.

Photokinesis is The ability to control and create light.

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Why Do We Yawn? Why Is Yawning Contagious?

March 27th, 2009 3 comments

We think of boredom or being tired as the reason for yawning, but is that the real reason?

I know that yawning makes you draw in breath, filling your lungs with air; this increases the oxygen supply to the blood.

But is raising the oxygen levels in the blood the reason why we yawn? and why is yawning contagious?

Do you ever find yourself yawning,then turn your head around only to find another person yawning?  even when this person has not seen or heard you yawn, and when you also have not seen this person yawn?  As if you both started to yawn almost at the same time without seeing,  hearing or knowing of each other?

Let me know please.

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Conclusion On The Tingling, GooseBumps, Goose Bumpy, Static Electric Sensation

February 14th, 2009 20 comments

Have you ever wondered what that interesting tingling, goosebumps, goose bumpy, static electric, flowing energy, electrical sensation you felt within you or on your skin was?

You may have noticed this sensation while meditating, praying, doing guided imagery, relaxing, listening to music, when enjoying nature or when you stand in the wind or the sun.

I asked myself what this sensation was, could it be the life force, the Chi, or a healing energy? Luckily, I posted a blog article with exactly this question entitled “Tingling Goosebumps Equals Life Energy” (click here to read it)Posted in September 22, 2008

That blog article got a stronger response than I had anticipated, responses came from a diverse set of people mostly united by experiencing this sensation. Many shared their stories in comments others emailed me directly. I also went off and started asking people I knew especially ones that were spiritual.

I have compiled all the answers I received and below you will see a list of what most people gave as an explanation. They overlap:

  1. Sensing an entity / presence in the vicinity / spirits
  2. The ability to sense Life Force in you
  3. The ability to sense / channel Life Force energies around you
  4. Flushing / in ancient times, they called this an annointment (Saint Teresa of Avila wrote about it in her memoirs) / releasing debris
  5. Cleansing of your chakras
  6. Indicating the beginnings of a Kundalini awakening

What it is not:

  1. It is nothing to be afraid of.
  2. I asked my doctor, he said its not neuroplogical (unless it is uncontrollable, continuous and very obvious)
  3. Not Anoxia

Keep meditating. Keep experiencing this sensation. If the effects are positive, then continue to seek them.

Personal Experience:

Since the last article on this topic, I have noticed considerable warmth that accompanies this sensation when I mediated, in the stomach and chest. The sensation starts in the head, but sometimes it seems to start in the upper back, sometimes in the lower back. Every time, it spreads all over down to my toes and to the neck and head.

Leave a comment below or join the discussion here where people are also sharing their experience with this sensation:

Previous articles on this topic: Read more…

Remote Viewing (non local consciousness) is Something We All Have

January 31st, 2009 No comments

I listened to a radio interview recently and found some of the aspects that the guest speaker discussed agreeable. I noted quotes below from the interview that I liked and wanted to share with you:

On Remote Viewing, in a radio interview with Coast to Coast with Art Bell, Stephan A. Schwartz said:

[Remote viewing is a] learnable skill, like a kind of modern mental martial art or mental yoga; its an ancient one [found] in the shamanic traditions all over the world.

All over the world, there are traditions of training people to be able to use this use this aspect of consciousness to open themselves to it, its like learning to play tennis basically, there is nothing supernatural or weird about it, it its not anomalous.

All these words [that] people use, anomalous, wired, I don’t even like the word psychic, its just non local consciousness its something we all have by reason of being living organisms.

It’s your birth right as a human being

This ability is always present because it a function of being a living organism

In Stephan’s opinion, phenomena like remote viewing, intuition, telepathy ad others are all basically non local consciousness or non local awareness.

Listen to the whole interview here

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Consciousness, Water & Healing – Radio Interview with Stephan Schwartz

January 31st, 2009 No comments

Water has the ability to be altered by conscious attention, as evidence seems to indicate. Schwartz reported that Dean Radin had recently replicated Masaru Emoto’s groundbreaking research, demonstrating that the shape of water crystals can be affected by thoughts and music.  Water was tested in an experiment involving 14 healers and patients and showed changes in its hydrogen bonds that were not present in the control group (water not exposed to the healing thoughts), Schwartz detailed. His research indicates that the consciousness of all living things from humans to plants is connected.

If consciousness can alter water, and we are made of more than 70% water, can consciousness and water be used in healing?

Watch 10 you tube videos (coast to coast radio interview with Stephan A. Schwartz) and discuss this topic further here (login not required to join the discussion). The interview is very interesting I recommended listing to the whole thing.

Stephan A. Schwartz is research associate in the cognitive science laboratory and a leading expert on the practical application of remote viewing and aspects of extra ordinary human functioning, he is also a co-author of over 30 papers, and is involved in energy medicine work and a member of the parapsychology association

Access Your Intuition With A Coin Flip

December 4th, 2008 3 comments

Sometimes, I find it difficult to listen to my inner intuition or gut when trying to make a decision. Selecting a grad school program has been one of these decisions, so far. In this article I will show you a trick I heard about today that involves flipping a coin to help you listen to your gut feeling.

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Responding To Comments On The Manifestation Of Life Energy

November 3rd, 2008 No comments

One of my readers left a few comments on 10/28/2008 and reported to me his experiences.. I pasted the main points below in order to respond to them.

I have nobody else in the world that understands that sensation. It is like what you described, except mine is rather different than yours.

The sensation would be felt from the head till foot, sometimes foot to head going up, sometimes from shoulder down. Sometimes when i’m reading something, i could feel it on my right wrist. The materials read, only you would know from my earlier contact message.
This electrical sensation differs from another form of energy i feel – heat that seeps in slowly into the body.

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All About The Aura

October 30th, 2008 No comments

I always wondered if the human aura existed, ever since I was a kid. At points I thought I saw the aura, other times I doubted it even existed.

I have done a little research over the years and will kick it up a notch here. Future blog posts will discuss this topic, define what the aura is, discuss scientific research, people’s stories and opinions, and your (my readers) opinions and input.

Let us try to figure this thing once and for all! Let’s try to prove it. I understand the limitations of science, but I also believe in experimentation. I also think that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Let’s research and experiment the aura together.

Stay tuned.

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Tingling Goosebumps Equals Life Energy

September 22nd, 2008 105 comments

What is that tingling, electric, goosebumps-y sensation that some experience?

In this blog entry I talk about my experience with this sensation. This is not a new sensation but I recently experienced it in abundance.

Throughout my life I had felt tingling waves that went inside of my body and spread on the surface of my skin while meditating or praying, especially when in deep relaxation or concentration. When this sensation is on the surface it is accompanied by goose bumps that swarm the skin and traverse the body in waves. When inside the body, this sensation is like a cloud of charged tingling particles. I found it possible to direct this cloud of sensation with concentration. Does this sound familiar?

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