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Bit More Than You Can Chew?

December 5th, 2012 No comments

Feel like this sometimes?

Took on more than you can handle?

Bit more than you can chew?


Whatever it was

what ever it is


you can always put it down

spit it out


If only for just one moment

try it

just for now

put it down



 For now,

Allow your mind to

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Hair Growth Research Full Steam Ahead

June 11th, 2010 No comments

long healthy hairThe answer to eliminating hair loss must lie within the 300+ pages of online-research information that I collected. During the coming days I will be sifting through hundreds of testimonials, research studies, scientific data and traditional wisdom. I have information on the use of Chinese, Ayuvedic, Middle Eastern and other Native remedies. I will be studying the old wisdom of natural and home made solutions along with the latest in science, drugs, and nutritional knowledge on vitamins, minerals. I will also look at the use of oils, essential oils and vibrational therapies in search for the answer to hair regrowth.

I’ve researched hair re-growth and hair health on and off (more “off” than “on”) for about a couple years. I’m a male, my body has the so called “male pattern baldness” syndrome. It started when I was in my 20′s, maybe even earlier, it was very subtle, so I didn’t care much for it. In the last 2-3 years, the thinning hair in the front and center part of my scalp started to thin more rapidly, it is very obvious now; that area is getting close to being bald, and the thinning doesn’t seem to be slowing.

My position on hair has been that I’d simply shave my head if this thinning spreads to more of my head. I accepted that I will likely end up shaving my head since this kind of hair loss is considered to be “genetic” (it “runs in the family”). Since I don’t like the idea of having a half head of hair, with a runway of baldness in between 2 clumps of hair on the sides; shaving seems more appropriate (even though it’s more work).

As a hypnotist, I’ve heard of hypnosis being used for hair health, I know a lot about the power of the mind over the physical body and about the power of positive self-talk. In fact, I believe that, if done properly, hypnosis and guided imagery could aid in hair restoration. Relaxation alone (which is easy to achieve with hypnosis) will help health in general and thus positively help the health of one’s hair. My position, however, is that doing this would require time that I rather use on other matters; it took years of thinning to be where I am now, recovery may also take years and require a lot of my time.

If you know anything about me you probably know how busy my schedule is. I volunteer, I do research on multiple issues, I’m studying multiple topics, I work, etc.. I’ve had the opinion that I don’t have the time to invest into restoring my hair (doing such things as recording my hair health hypnosis tapes, taking time out for hypnosis, relaxation, sitting down for guided imagery, or even to give myself scalp massages, making home made shampoos or even taking the time to research all my options out there for hair re-growth).

Even though I freed a lot of time by almost never watching TV programming (when I do it’s online and not often) my time remains a precious resource. I do have other things I find more important that I rather be spending my time on, such as practicing natural vision improvement, studying Chinese Medicine, vibrational healing therapies, photography, am taking college classes, practicing QiGong and meditation, volunteering my hypnosis skills to help crisis patients, managing a group while trying to keep a social life. This is where I’m at right now, things will likely change in the future.

Appearances in our society are given more importance than they deserve. It’s one of these inconvenient [societal] “truths” that many take fore-granted. The issue of hair health is especially important when it comes to women. We all know that a man can shave his head and no one would care, but for women there is much more pressure to “look pretty”. Who decides what being “pretty” is, that’s a topic that I’m going to leave for another day.

I know of a person, who’s a female who has thinning hair and it is bothering her greatly. Like many of us, she had luscious thick hair as a kid, and as she matured, slowly but surely her hair seemed to loose its thickness, and over the last few years it started to thin in certain areas. Medical doctors so far didn’t seem to help much.

This has given me enough reason, now I was motivated to research hair health more seriously. I started a few days ago by browsing many websites and discussion forums. I use specific google search keywords to find what I’m looking for. I am finding a lot of good information and am compiling a lot of the research findings into a rapidly growing document.

Based on what I’ve found so far, I am very optimistic about being able to find things to help her have more hair than she ever wanted! I am finding a lot more useful information online than the doctor had offered her.

In a nutshell the areas I am researching include:

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He Who Fears He Will Suffer, Already …

October 14th, 2009 1 comment

He who fears he will suffer, already suffers from his fear

Michel de Montaigne

Speak Well to Yourself

September 27th, 2009 No comments

Speak well to yourself because your deep mind is always listening.

By Devin Hasting

All The Hypnosis & Hypnotherapists Licenses

May 16th, 2009 4 comments

certIt is best to avoid all online schools that offer hypnosis training. State-licensed schools are more reputable and trust worthy, other schools that are accredited by accreditation agencies are also trust worthy. There are usually only a few accredited or state-licensed hypnosis schools in each state.

Before reading further, I suggest you read my previous article on accreditation in the US and avoiding diploma mills (here). The article briefly discusses state accreditation along with Regional, National and Programmatic (or professional) accreditation agencies in the US.

When it comes to hypnosis, there are several accrediting professional bodies, or agencies, that issue certifications to hypnotists or hypnotherapists. The goal in this article is to list all these agencies.

As I researched in preparation for this article it became clear that there were many organizations offering accreditation, certification or membership. In fact, I think  there are just too many of these agencies. Am I the only one that thinks this?  Checkout the list below, and let me know..

All the Accreditation Agencies:

IMDHAInternational Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association:

Founded in 1986, a referral service of Certified Hypnotherapists dedicated to providing the community with excellently trained Certified Hypnotherapists. These Certified Hypnotherapists will work harmoniously with allied health care professionals to aid individuals in dealing with specific challenges and procedures.

IACTInternational Association of Counselors and Therapists:

Founded in 1990, IACT is a multidisciplined association, which specializes in holistic techniques. IACT’s membership includes medical practitioners, psychologists, clinical social workers, stress consultants, NLP practitioners, clergy, licensed massage therapists, hypnotherapists, biofeedback specialists, nutritionists, educators, mental health therapists, substance abuse counselors and others in the helping, healing arts.

NBCCH National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotheraphists:

Organized in 1991, the NBCCH certifies mental health professionals in the field of hypnotheraphy and provides referral services for persons seeking hypnotherapy throughout U.S.A and western Europe.

ACHEAmerican Council of Hypnotist Examiners:

Organized in 1980, ACHE certifies examiners worldwide

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Study Hypnosis In Minnesota

March 20th, 2009 No comments

If you are looking at studying hypnosis or hypnotherapy in Minnesota here’s a list of local programs and a little bit of info:

1) The MN Advanced Communication:, which is run by Devin Hastings. Devin and Rachel Hastings teach general hypnotherapy, largely independent of any particular methodology. Accredited by the NGH and the state on MN (may have been previously known as the Hypnosis Research and Training  Center by Kevin Hogan:

2) Dynamic Minds Hypnosis, run by Susan Just. Her site is She teaches the 5-PATH methodology and is the representative of the Banyan Institute in MN

Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services
2565 Highway 10 Northeast
Mounds View, MN 55112
(763) 785-3390

The Cal Banyan’s hypnosis center is in California

3) Slack & Young Institute of Hypnosis

4) The Meta Institute
They are accredited by the American Institute of Hypnosis. I never heard of this institute, doesn’t seem as famous as the rest found here

5) Roy Hunter Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy – is this in MN??

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Studying Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

March 18th, 2009 No comments

Demystifying Hypnosis

February 7th, 2009 2 comments

Hypnosis is a state of relaxation with a state of heightened awareness all induced by nothing more than suggestion. It is perfectly normal and natural. In fact, hypnosis is a state so natural that every one of us uses it sometime every day without even realizing it.

When we daydream we are experiencing a mild hypnotic trance. ‘Motorway hypnosis’ is a term coined for those periods when we drive somewhere and cannot remember it. That’s a form of hypnotic state. This is how you tend to feel whilst in hypnosis. It is very pleasant, relaxing and extremely comfortable. It’s an altered state of awareness. Many people would liken it to a ‘mental massage’.

The theory behind hypnosis is that we have one brain but two minds – one conscious and the other unconscious. Every day after we wake up, we begin running programs stored deep in our unconscious mind – this is the mind that remembers all the automatic stuff like riding a bike/driving a car, how to make yourself feel good OR bad. This ‘storage area’ is much bigger than the mind you are using to read this now.

They work together; so that when you are driving and your conscious mind suddenly switches to something bothering you [a coworker, a big presentation/fear of height]; your unconscious mind carries on driving until you arrive at your destination or your conscious mind resumes driving, not remembering how you have just driven. If something dangerous had presented itself you would have avoided it.

These running programs, once formed, have an amazing capability for producing the same results, over and over again. Whether they are good for you or bad! Hypnosis gives you the tools to make these programs work FOR YOU!

A hypnotic state is not is sleep, it is not unconsciousness. Nothing can be done to you without you allowing it; you won’t be made to bark every time you pass a dog or cat. For hypnosis to work you must want it to happen, expect it to happen and most importantly allow it to happen.

Some people question if they are in a trance because they don’t experience a mystical transcendental journey; the truth is the depth and state of trance is different for everyone.

However everyone can experience a hypnotic state, be it at varying levels, and thus everyone may benefit from hypnosis.

Hypnosis is effective in all areas of self improvement, in overcoming fears and phobias, in assisting in health and well-being as well. It can be very successful changing habits, overcoming anxiety, losing weight, defeating depression, to name a few of its applications.

Hypnosis has been used for centuries, and millions of people have been helped in many different ways. It’s also said to be an excellent way of relaxing.

Therapeutic Uses of Hypnotherapy & Out-of-Body Experiences

January 22nd, 2009 2 comments
An out-of-body experience, or OBE, involves the feeling of floating outside of one`s physical body. Some people report being able to see their physical body while having an OBE. According to researchers an OBE has therapeutic benefits for people including helping them cope with stress. Science Daily reports that one in ten people will have an out-of-body experience in their lifetime.
There are several different types of out-of-body experiences. One occurs during sleep. People who have had an OBE during sleep have also reported having a lucid dream prior to the OBE. They also said that their sleep was not deep. Another type of OBE occurs in near-death experiences. It is thought that either mental or physical traumatic events could cause such an OBE to occur.
An OBE coincides with astral projection is the belief that your mind can be separate from the body. Often times, people who have had an OBE state that they have looked at their own bodies when they have managed to separate themselves from it. It’s difficult to determine exactly what causes an OBE but researchers say that hypnosis can help induce such a state.
Researchers involved in the study wanted to see how out-of-body experiences would affect the patients view of themselves and if it would influence their behavior. The three participants in the study each had different issues to be addressed.

The researchers concluded that an OBE greatly improved the therapeutic benefits for each of the patients.

I started a discussion thread on this topic at wholeness forums, check it out to see what people have said there: Or leave a comment below