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Sun Gazing Log – Day 5

Date: 7/18/2013

Time:  6:10 AM and 8:20pm

Location: trail

Barefoot: on gravel trail


Sun gazed for 1 minute through some trees the sun was blocked by a few tree leafs.. walked to another spot on the trail and the sun there was stronger (also 5 minutes had passed) and sun gazed for a minute. It was enjoyable and relaxing, almost meditative experience but if meditative it equaled many minutes of meditation (the level of relaxation and deepness and serenity that is)

In the PM gazed for 1 minute twice. also drove to many places at sun set looking for good spots with very little luck, the tree line everywhere covered the horizon and the last 10degrees of the sky if not more.

Nice and relaxing experience.

Thoughts :

1- I should be a UV index detector / UV meter and test the UV at various times of day especially when I do sun gazing to verify that there is 0 UV at these times, or not.

2- I did sunning in the past and do it on and off, I did that to improve my vision.. But my thoughts now are that Sunning is very similar to sun gazing. I look at the sun with closed lids, but I still feel the warmth and the light Sometimes turns into red (passing through the lids) but other times is white and i can even see sun itself despite closed lids. further, colors became clearer and i started to experience serenity and a deeper awareness of reality around that time (difficult to put in words) similar to that caused by sun gazing. So, sun gazing is similar to sunning.

3- If the sun is low enough i can gaze for a long time and will do so the next time, if i have enough privacy on the trail.  I think I dont need to work up 10 seconds at a time unless the sun is a bit higher and brighter so whenever it is low i can gaze longer periods and reduce the amount when the sun is higher.





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