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Sun Gazing Log – Day 3

Date: 7/16/2013

Time: 6:20 AM, 8:20 PM

Location: AM: paved parking lot by a baseball field, PMtrail

Barefoot: on paved parking lot


Sungazed about 25-30 seconds in the AM. First 10 seconds were a little uncomfortable and i had to blink frequently. Last 10 seconds were much better and i felt like sungazing for a longer period but didnt.  At first I was looking around the sun perimeter not directly at the sun. Also had to remind myself not to strain my eyes or stare at the sun but rather gaze at it.

In the PM between 8:20 to 8:35 when sun got covered by trees (sunset 8:56 PM)

Here’s what I did:

Sunning for 15-20 seconds
30 seconds sun gazing
rest a couple seconds
30 seconds sungazing
rest 5 mins
sunning for 20 seconds
1 minute sun gazing
rest 1 minute
1 minutes sun gazing

Thoughts in the PM: The sun disk looks beautiful especially when its more red, easy to look at when its low the lower the easier i could gaze for a half hour or until the sun is set if the trees didnt block the sunset.

After work I scouted 10 locations, at 8PM I drove to the 5 best ones and none of them worked went back to the trail. In minnesota it is not easy to find the horizon trees usualy cover the last 10 degrees of the sky and more.

I printed out a schedule showing a 10 minute progress by day, mapping out day number and how many seconds or minutes one would do on such a day. sungazing for 1 minute corresponds to day 6. Plan is: If the sun is in its last 30 minutes even 45 minutes I can gaze long, but if it’s a bit higher then it is more bright and I stick to the original second count for that day number.  On day 30 one could gaze for 5 minutes, on day 60 for 10 minutes and so on.

Photos (click photo to see full size):

in the AM

Sunrise from a parking lot by a baseball field

in the PM

Evening sunset from a trail 8:20PM

Evening sunset from a trail 8:25ish PM

Evening sunset from a trail 8:25ish PM

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