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Welcome to Seeking and Finding Wholeness! This page will help you navigate the ever-growing body of articles found on this website. Let’s get started!

For you science lovers this website offers articles in the following categories:

Find books, websites and other resources here. You can also find scientific and personal research under the research studies category. Also, find some terms and definitions here. You also may enjoy the Books and Audio page.

How can we discuss science without discussing things that science can’t explain such as parapsychology ?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) articles can be found under the TCM concepts category. We have a couple dedicated categories here that are a part of TCM: acupuncture and QiGong

Increase your awareness, find bliss, wholeness, enjoy being now with these categories:

Be healthy, reduce stress, eat better, see better, and find articles on healing practices under these categories:

Learn about hypnosis with articles categorized under these categorize:  hypnosis, guided imagery, and meditation

Change is the only constant! these categories may interest you:

Environmentally friendly articles can be found under these categories:

Wondering “What life is”, “why are you here”? Find spirituality, religion and philosophy articles under these categories:

Read about first hand experiences


Find the best of the best with the best in the world category

Find crazy stories with the crazy world category

Add wisdom to your world. Find inspirational articles, reflections, and quotes worth knowing. Ready to just ask yourself ?

Browse the wellness articles, or articles relating to specific dimensions of wellness such as: emotional wellness, environmental wellness, intellectual wellness, occupational / vocational wellnessphysical wellness, social wellness, and spiritual wellness

About Seeking Wholeness and the Authors

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Like this website, this guided tour and map page is under constant construction.

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