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I’m Looking for Formal Education Opportunities

I make a good living with my I.T. career. I do like the I.T. field and have advanced well in this field since I graduated from college; In fact I would recommend this field to anyone :) I do like my current job as well, I honestly cannot complain about my job and be fair.

A couple years ago you would’ve found me exclusively researching graduate school programs related to IT Management. But, my passion for knowledge and expansion along with my interest in physics, biology, chemistry, anthropology, medicine, philosophy, and pondering humanity and our existence got strengthened recently due to a few life events, now these diverse interests of mine are influencing my graduate school research.

I was considering an I.T. Management/MBA degree. Now I find myself broadening my horizons looking at degrees that combine my lifelong passions, my childhood passions.

Again, I have to emphasize that I do like my current job, the IT career and that field of work in general. I love the benefits of working in I.T. Having said that, I find myself reading and seeking things other than I.T. in my free time, I can’t say why but possibly because I want to ‘diversify’ and broaden my mind and satisfy my thirst for knowledge in these other areas of interest. Having said that, I find myself seeking a more meaningful interaction with people in a way where I could offer life-changing tools.

I don’t know what graduate / or undergraduate degree to pursue now, I don’t know what the degree will be called, or if one even exists. How do I know what degrees to look for? Maybe the question should be, what are my passions? Another question should be, which passions should remain as hobbies/interests and which ones could be taken further into graduate education, a career, and future publications? More questions come to mind like is it worth the cost? Can I give up working on computers and the internet and being so connected to the world via the internet? etc..

I’ve always been a kind of person that likes to know a little about a lot of things, and often like to know a lot about a lot of things. I also liked to ponder larger issues. This explains why my interests are varied and why I’m not just a pure I.T. guy or just a researcher or just an artist or handy man, an entrepreneur, or just one of anything..

I think humans should be broad and should know and do a lot of different things. Specializing and branding yourself with one label can be restrictive to your abilities, talents and full potential.

Here’s a list of my life-long passions, based on my present memory, if you care to read it:

  • astronomy
  • philosophy
  • biology
  • chemistry
  • physics
  • anthropology
  • electronics
  • human health and healing
  • meditation
  • hypnosis, hypnosis research
  • psychology
  • the study of ancient religions, culture, teachings, folk, legends
  • mind over matter
  • ethics, reaching the highest human moral and mindful potential
  • awareness and enlightenment
  • inducing awareness and enlightenment in others to evolve humans
  • mind, body and soul connection
  • nature, weather, geology, electricity, electromagnetism, magnetism, atmospheric, meteorology, other sciences
  • aviation, flying, space travel
  • energy devices, non-combustible motors, air/space engines
  • energy creation and extraction
  • herbs, healing food, study traditional remedies
  • painting, drawing, photography, and cooking
  • alternative energy
  • technology
  • artificial intelligence, computing
  • using science to research the human mind and soul / be on the so called outer edge of science / allow researching fringe science or paranormal phenomena

I think this is pretty much the list. Some may think this list is all over the place, I don’t. Everything is interconnected.

Now I will start looking at graduate programs that need to:

  • deal with at least 3 or more of the items above (i.e. interests)
  • offer evening classes / not planning on quitting my job yet
  • online classes?
  • reputable, respected
  • give me an ‘expert opinion’ status, give my opinions weight with the general public
  • not be a study of the past but one that applies modern science and research to the study
  • respect science and conducts research or relies on research to back claims
  • allow federal grants/loans
  • give me an option for a good career, multiple related careers as I discover which is the best fit, if any
  • help me continue researching my interests
  • help me get published

I started by looking at some Programs that I came across recently:

  • Goddard College: Graduate Degree in Consciousness Studies
  • University of Healing Arts: Spiritual Psychology Counseling
  • Institute of Transpersonal Psychology: Spiritual Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, Spiritual Research
  • University of Philosophical Research: Masters of Arts in Consciousness Studies, Transformational Psychology

I shall investigate these and more, and report back my findings here. I will then create an article to contain a list of graduate / education programs and call it “Education Index”. This process may take many months.

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