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About Seeking Wholeness .com:

Welcome to seeking wholeness! In this website I share with you my journey on this planet in what is ultimately a journey (shared by many) in the seeking of wholeness. What does seeking wholeness mean?  as far as this web site is concerned seeking wholeness is the seeking to understand the essential nature of all things.

This website is not here for one person, while most of the material here is provided or selected by Ethan, this website is here for you. This website is here to disseminate knowledge, encourage debate , encourage questioning, promote thinking outside the box, bring like-minded people together and empower individuals to empower themselves.

Our tag line is: “Finding Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical, Emotional, Social, Vocational, Technological & Environmental Wholeness”

Knowledge is power, we give our knowledge away here, freely, sincerely and in good will. We ask that you do the same. Let us all give power (i.e. knowledge) to each other, let’s talk, let’s share thoughts. Let’s do this respectfully and with good intentions.

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I am a strong believer in sharing knowledge openly because with knowledge comes empowerment and true freedom. No one can take these from you.

I am humbled by your interest in Seeking Wholeness and the fact that you are reading this now. I hope that you benefit from reading this web site as much as the contributors and writers will benefit from writing.

We are all on this planet together

we share a common future

we breath the same air

we share this experience

we can make it a good one, for all

What You Can Do Here:

On this site you can do (all, one of, or none) of the following:

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  • Start new discussions or join in on existing ones at our discussion forum

Must See Websites:

Ethan has started a few online projects with the goal to have people share knowledge. Please take a look and consider contributing, help others and the universe will help you back.

These online communities provide a place for you to safely and anonymously ask for help or be of help right now:

Parapsychology Forums

Helpful Women – Support Group for Women

Helpful Men – Support Group for Men

Thank you for stopping by!!

May Peace & Joy be with you


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