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About Ethan:

I built this website and use it as a blog and a means to disseminate information. Read more about this web site here.

I have always been fascinated by everything in nature (humans, animals, wind, rocks, living things, electricity, clouds, chemistry, gravity, human reasoning, cultures, insects, birds, stars, flight, space, cognition, emotions, imagination, good/bad, culture/ norms. etc) and found myself excited wanting to learn about the nature of these things; I was fortunate to always have been able to see the beauty in literally everything.

Currently, I work in I.T. administration and management, I also work in the holistic health field (I am a hypnotist, stress reduction coach, motivational coach, self-hypnosis coach, meditation coach, weight loss coach, and mind-body coach). I recently learned QiGong and I look forward to learning more about QiGong and to practice it more.

I do not like labels; it is impossible to capture what a person is in a few words, labels, stereotypes or single stories. The following is a (partial) list to describe me:

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